A Day With You

If I could have one wish come true,
I'd like to spend a day with you,
To lie beneath the summer sky
And watch the clouds go sailing by,
While finding pictures of our dreams
Hidden there within, it seems.
To walk barefoot along the beach
And listen to the seagulls screech,
While gentle waves come rolling close
And caress our sandy toes;
Then find a quiet little place
To sit and talk - face to face -
Or sit in silence; in the end
Words aren't important between friends.
Then strolling homeward, hand in hand,
Knowing friendship, like the said
Beneath our feet, is warm and fine,
And will last until the end of time.
Then part - to follow our own dreams,
Knowing that we both have been -
For a while - content to be
In each other's company.
As friends and lovers, what we share
Is something precious, and so rare,
That if I had one wish come true
I'd like to spend a day with you.

© Fay Herridge

Of Love and Friendship
© Fayz World & Sugarwolf Designs