The Silly Dino

A long, long time ago there was a cave at the foot of a huge mountain.
There was a volcano at the top of the mountain, so it was always warm inside the cave.
Way back in the cave there was an egg. Just one big egg. All alone.
One day there was a sound from inside the egg. Like something scratching at the shell.
Finally the scratching stopped. But something else was happening.
CR-A-CK! Something was trying to get out.
CR-A-CK! The top popped off of the shell.
Two big eyes peeped up over the edge of the broken shell.
Then a head came all the way up. What do you think it was?
It was a baby dinosaur!

The little dinosaur rocked back and forth, making the eggshell rock until it tipped over.
Then he crawled out and stood up.
His legs were a little big shaky at first but pretty soon he was running all around the cave.
After a while he began to feel hungry. So he went outside.
There were lots of plants and trees with big crunchy leaves to eat out there.
The little dinosaur ate and ate and ate until his belly was almost round.
Now he didn't feel like running around anymore. He was tired.
So he crawled back into his nice warm cave, curled up into a ball and was soon fast asleep.
Every day this silly dinosaur did the same thing.
He ate and ate until he was full, then went back in the cave and slept.
But the dinosaur was growing and the bigger he got, the bigger his appetite was.
Every day he wanted more and more food.
Every day he had to go farther and farther to find enough.

Now this silly dinosaur was also a bully.
When he was hungry he roared very loudly as he stomped through the forest.
All the other creatures ran and hid away because they were afraid of him.
The dinosaur was very greedy too, but he was not very smart.
The bigger he got, the more he ate and the more he ate, the bigger he grew.
One day the silly dinosaur had become so big that he could not get back inside his cave.
He tried hard to squeeze his huge body in through the cave mouth.
He wiggled and pushed and squirmed but it was no use. He could not get back inside.
The dinosaur could no longer sleep in his snug, warm cave.
When he stood up, he could look right over the top of the mountain.
He had grown as big as the mountain, but he was all alone.

The silly dinosaur had no friends because they were all scared of him.
Finding food was harder every day because he ate it all up faster than it could grow.
Now he was so big and fat and tall that he didn't even have a home.
He lay down on the ground with his back up against the warm side of the mountain.
And the mountain felt sorry for him although he had been silly.

While the dinosaur was sleeping, the volcano erupted.
The hot lava poured down over him and the silly dinosaur became part of the mountain.
The dinosaur could not eat all the food anymore.
He could not frighten the other creatures with his loud roar anymore.
The great silly dinosaur was gone.
And all the other creatures called the volcano 'Mount Dino'

Copyright 1999, 2000 by Fay Herridge
(Note: This was designed to be used with a flannel board.)

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