I Do Not Like Pink Bunnies

Oh, I do not like pink bunnies
And I do not think itís funny
When they eat the pudding runny
And then give away the honey

They will give it to a bear cub
Who is sitting in a bath tub
Playing with a plastic pink sub
Going rub-a-dub-a-dub-dub

Then the bear cub meets a pony
Who is long and lean and bony
And the bear cub thinks heís lonely
But Iím sure that heís a phoney

Just like that silly monkey
Who is acting kind of funky
While heís riding on a donkey
Who is very old and clunky

So the pony finds a piggy
Who is swinging on a twiggy
And he says it is no biggy
If the pudding isnít figgy

Pink Bunny

And he gives it to a doggie
Whose paws are getting soggy
For heís chasing down a froggy
And the ground is awful boggy

Then the doggie sees a black sheep
At the market in a red jeep
And the horn is going beep-beep
For he sold the wool way too cheap

But the sheep is very witty
Gives some money to a kitty
Who buys a jar of honey swiftly
And he thinks its pretty nifty

Then along comes Mr. Muskrat
In his fur coat and a top hat
Stops the kitty for a wee chat
Ties the jar up in an old mat

And he takes it to the bunny
In the garden where itís sunny
Oh I do not like pink bunnies
Who eat pudding without honey.

Copyright 2012, F. Herridge

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