Peter Rabbit's Flu

In a little village where many flowers grow
There was great excitement, and rushing to and fro.
Slowly, day by day now, the time was drawing near;
There were only six days left and Easter would be here!

Everyone was busy getting ready for the day,
Painting all the Easter eggs in colours bright and gay.
Then, along the grapevine, they heard the awful news:
There was a virus going round - Peter Rabbit had the flu!

Everyone stopped laughing as the word was passed around.
All the bunnies were so sad, not one smile could be found!
Peter's fever, it was high, and his nose was very hot,
He said he had cold shivers and his body hurt a lot.

His throat felt stiff and sore and he had an aching head.
He said 'I feel just awful!' And so he went to bed.
The bunnies were all puzzled. 'What will we do?' they said,
'If Peter Rabbit isn't well to deliver Easter Eggs?'

'We must help poor Peter,' Old Grandpa Rabbit said.
'You younger ones can paint the eggs, in yellow, blue and red.
And we will all help Peter by doing what we can
To have the eggs all ready for kids throughout the land.'

For four whole days they worked, painting stripes and such.
Then Bennie said, 'You know, this isn't helping Peter much.'
'But why not?' asked Bobby. 'We're doing all we can.'
And then they all stopped painting and sat down on the sand.

'Oh no, we're not!' said Bennie. 'I'll tell you what we need.
Peter needs a doctor and there's one in Tangleweed.
Now we can paint like crazy until the eggs are done,
But if they're not delivered they're no good to anyone.

There are only two days left, and Easter will be here.
But if Peter isn't well, there'll be no eggs this year.'
Then little Betsy softly spoke as teardrops filled her eyes.
'Doctors are for people.' and she began to cry.

© 2001 F. Herridge

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