Miss Mindy's Garden Party

It was Easter Sunday morning and Miss Mindy was excited,
As she welcomed all the friends and neighbours that she had invited
To her Easter Garden Party that would last all through the day;
With lots of things to eat and with a lot of games to play.

There were bunnies in their overalls and little field mice too,
All the ducks wore Easter bonnets coloured yellow, pink and blue;
Mr. Bunny brought some chocolate eggs - a treat that he had made,
And Miss Mindy wore her apron when she poured the lemonade.

Now everybody laughed and played, until the day was done,
And they declared that they had never ever had such fun;
Miss Mindy was delighted and she smiled and twitched her ears,
And said she'd have an Easter Garden Party every year!

© Fay Herridge

Children's Stories

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