Belle and the Yellow Dress

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a little girl named Belle. She had blue eyes and brown hair. She was always happy and she liked to sing.

Belle did like to play with all her toys but she played with her dolls the most. The best thing she liked to do was to dress up in old clothes and play make believe.

There was an old trunk in her play room where she kept all of her make believe things. One day Belle found a dress in the trunk that she had not seen before. It was yellow like the sun and it was trimmed with green like the grass.

Belle put on the dress and picked up her dolls. It was a warm day so she took them outside for a tea party.

When Belle opened the door, every thing looked different. Bit yellow flowers grew all over the place. There were five yellow birds in every green tree. Yellow butterflies with black spots were flying around the flowers. There was a path leading through the flowers.

Belle followed the path until she came to a bridge across a small brook. She looked down in the water and saw some pretty little fish. There were four groups of fish with ten fish in each group. They were yellow with black fins and a black tail.

On the other side of the bridge, there was a small yellow house with a black roof. Belle went to the house and knocked on the door.

'Hello,' said a small, quiet voice. Belle looked down and saw a tiny little girl. She was dressed all in yellow and she had yellow wings!

'Who are you?' Belle asked.

'I am the Yellow Fairy,' the tiny girl said. 'This my home, the Yellow World. It is a secret place but how did you get here?'

'I do not know,' said Belle. Then she told the fairy about the yellow dress she had found.

'Then that is how you got here,' said the fairy. 'It is a magic dress. When you put it on, it will always bring you here. 'So you and I can be friends.' Then she spread a yellow tablecloth on the green grass. She and Belle had a picnic tea party.

Soon it was time for Belle to go home but she told the fairy that she would come back again. Belle was happy because she had found a new place to go and a new friend to play with. The Yellow Fairy was happy too. 'I do like to have a friend here for a tea party,' she said. It is no fun to do it alone.'

'But how did the dress get in my trunk?' Belle asked.

'Only Mother Nature can do that,' said the fairy. 'She will only do it for very special girls and boys. I am glad you got the Yellow Dress.'

'So am I,' said Belle. Then she waved and went down the path to go home again.

© Fay Herridge 2003

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