The Storyteller

Dream Catcher Welcome to Juniper Valley, a peaceful little ghost town. Well, for the most part itís pretty peaceful, when the ghosts are behaving themselves. And itís not exactly a ghost town I guess, not during tourist season anyway, but nobody lives here year round anymore, except me Ė and the ghosts of course.

Every town, whatever its size, has a history, especially little towns that are tucked away in among the forests, not easily visible to wanderers and whose residents donít travel very far. Many of these hidden settlements have colourful pasts with outlaws and lawmen, a few prospectors, ranchers and homesteaders and, of course, there's always a few funny characters thrown in for good measure.

Are there ghosts? Now, that's interesting. I don't know as you'd actually call them ghosts, but there are plenty of old spirits in these parts that just won't go away. Why, just the other day, one particularly restless spirit kept sputtering at me to tell his story - or else! Practically foaming at the mouth, he was! Guess they still haven't figured out that being threatened only makes me more stubborn! Hah!

Just like I told him, I'll tell his story, along with the other legends in Juniper Valley Ė all in my own good time.

Plants Who am I? Well, Iím kind of a loner and Iíve been around this place for a long time. I mind my own business, always have. Most folks donít even notice Iím there. They just take me for granted, act like Iím part of the furniture or something. But thatís why I hear the good stories. Am I a ghost? Well now, that would be giving away the secret of my true identity, wouldnít it? I donít think Iím quite ready to do that yet.

I've seen a lot and heard even more in my time. Now it's time to set the record straight about a few things while I still can. There are stories that should be told and recorded for posterity and I'd best do it while I can. I am gettin' a bit long in the tooth, after all.

But I've talked long enough for now. I can hear the wolves howling off in the distance, reminding me that it's high time I got some shut-eye. I also need to ponder what story to tell you next.

© Fay Herridge

Juniper Valley

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