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Duncan Macleod - The Highlander

Hero For All Centuries

Duncan Duncan Macleod - the Highlander! Immortal! Passionate and compassionate. Centuries old yet ever young. His very existence depended on the killing of other immortals whenever the necessity arose - yet he possessed a strong sense of fairness and justice. He was a man of great contrasts.

I enjoyed the Highlander movies with Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert, but the television series completely captivated me. The flashback features provided a much clearer picture of what the Immortals were all about. I became a dedicated Watcher throughout the entire series and still enjoy the repeats today.

Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, as a part of the Clan Macleod, Duncan was killed in battle while still a young man. He awoke as an Immortal. Not realizing what had happened, or the truth of his immortality, Duncan tried to return to his home but was rejected and driven away. Deep-rooted fears of the unknown caused his family and friends to shun him as something evil. Forced to leave all that was familiar and dear to him, he began his centuries-long wandering of the earth - as an Immortal.

Duncan While the story of an Immortal Highlander is a wonderful fantasy tale, to make it successful on the screen takes something special. Every aspect of making and producing a series is important to its success but nothing is more important than the leading characters.

Adrian Paul was definitely the right choice to take on the role of Duncan Macleod. I doubt that anyone else could have made Duncan so real and endearing to the fans. It was Adrian's talent that made the Highlander live for us. The supporting cast were great also, but it was Adrian's portrayal of Duncan that kept the show going for the central figure is always the biggest attraction.

My sincere congratulations and heartfelt thanks to everyone associated with Highlander: The Series, on a job well done and for creating some beautiful memories; and especially to Adrian Paul for making Duncan Macleod the kind of strong, honourable hero we need to believe in. God luck in all your future endeavours.


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Highlander: The Series
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