Please come in ... pretty please... Go Away!  I'm in no mood for visitors. It's open.  Come on in. What's down there?
Wheeeee! I'm flying!

Little Birds Little Birds
Witch Academy

Come in, come in.

Hello, dearie. Have you come to check out our training program? My name is Kamelza and I'm the Head Mistress. We train aspiring young witches in many different things here. If you'd like to come inside, I'll show you around. Er ... please use the front door. It's open.

The back door? Well, it leads to the cellar and we haven't been down there in centuries. Hard to tell what may be down there. Mostly dust, probably a few spiders and rats. That's about all. What's that? Well, there's nothing to stop you from going down there, I suppose, if you really want to. I guess it's up to you.

One other thing: it might be wise to keep away from the east porch. Old Jack O'Lantern hasn't been in a very good mood lately. Something seems to be troubling him, but he won't talk about it. So it's probably best to leave him alone.

Er, the attic? Well... you see ... we haven't found out exactly what's up there yet. Pssst! To tell you the truth, I'm too terrified to go up there. I mean, wouldn't you be scared? Just look at the size of that hand that's hanging out the window! And look at those claws! Can you imagine the size of whatever it is? It must be huge. Still, one day someone may be brave enough to check it out...

Entrance Hall
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