Hawke's Hill Forest


Hawke's Hill Forest - not to be confused with Hooter's Forest. This is entirely different. There are many secrets to be discovered in this forest and their stories have to be told. But that's Woodrow's responsibility. He is in charge of the forest. Actually, his job is to patrol the forest, clearing dead trees and debris. This keeps the forest floor free from danger for any living things that might dwell here. It also provides him with plenty of firewood for his own use.

It is said that he has already found some things out here. However, before he tells any stories, he wants to be sure that nothing here will be disturbed in any way. He doesn't want scores of curiosity seekers running around through the forest, and perhaps getting lost. So he will tell the stories in his own time, when he's good and ready. Until then, we just have to be patient.

Rest in Peace He has uncovered this unmarked grave that he found in the forest. But I think he's waiting to get the full story before he reveals it to anyone. After all, it could be someone famous, or someone in hiding, perhaps even in the witness protection program or something. You never know. I guess we'll find out one day.

Entrance Hall
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