Hawke's Hill Graveyard

Grave Keeper Oh, you are brave indeed. Not many will dare to venture into the Hawke's Hill Graveyard alone, especially at night.

I am Mr. Black, Keeper of the Graves. I will try to see that no harm comes to you, but this is a big area and I can't be everywhere at once.

I mean, you never know what may be lurking here among the shadows. Or when you might stumble into a hole that leads to ... well, we won't get into that. Just consider yourself warned.

Who is this grave for?. Watch out! That looks like all soft earth, like this one's been freshly dug. Could be a trap. Around here, you never know what you'll fall into. It could be just a hole in the ground, in which case, you could fall and break your leg. Or perhaps it could be a secret entrance to some dark hidden place.

Oh, my aching back! As you can see, the gravedigger is busy again. I hear he's always digging, day and night, with no break - except to eat or go to the bathroom. No one has been able to figure out if he's digging new graves all the time, or if he's actually a grave robber. Well, some wealthy people were probably buried wearing expensive jewelry...

Care to drop in for a visit ? Oops! Better watch your step. That's old Mr. R.U. Myne. Don't get too close. He has been known to grab people by the ankle and drag them down with him. He always considered himself a 'Ladies ' Man' and finds his grave kind of lonely without company. Now this might be the grace to find some valuables in. Mr. Myle was a wealthy man and it was remoured that his coffin was actually lined with thin gold plating.

Help!  My feet are stuck!. Believe it or not, this is Count Dracula's cousin, Baron Karakov. He's been there for several hundred years. No one knows if his feet are really stuck or it that's just a trick. If you try to help him, you might get pulled down to ... well, somewhere! You see, he was well known for playing tricks in his day, and it's possible he could still be at it. After all, it's hard to break a habit of centuries.

Care to drop in for a visit ? This poor guy is still in denial, doesn't want to believe he's dead. Well, as long as he keeps shaking his head, he'll never have a stiff neck! But it's time for him to face the facts and accept that's he's as dead as can be. Who knows, perhaps there was something he didn't get a chance to finish. Or is he on the lookout for something with his one red eye?

Will you come with me?

Heh - heh - heh ... this is our resident spook, and a spooky one he is too - or at least he likes to think he is! He likes to float up from behind a tombstone and catch visitors unaware. He makes this scary-looking pose, like he's grab someone. Truth is, if he tried to grab you, his hands would just go right through you.

No peace here with all those bats flying around. Rest in peace - what a joke! Old Mr. Manx here is about ready to move. He says a guy can't get any peace with so many people tramping all over the place all the time - day and night. He calls it disrespectful, says there should at least be some control over when visitors are allowed in here.

Entrance Hall
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