Please Come In Better knock before entering!. That's not a nice place. Don't fall in! Come meet our house guests. Bring a fish with you! Come visit us!

The Caretaker's Cottage

Shooting Star

Caretaker's Cottage

The Caretakerís Cottage is a home once again. An old caretaker used to live in this old stone cottage at one time, but he's been gone for many years. The cottage was empty for a long time and had fallen into a sad state of disrepair.

Then Lord and Lady Hawke hired a Gardener, who needed a place to live. It made sense for a Gardener to live on the estate, away from the Manor. Mr. Whyte liked the old cottage but it needed a lot of repairs before he and his wife could move in.

They're very nice people; hard workers, and very quiet. We think you'll like them, and they have some interesting friends too. Just knock on the door. They absolutely love seeing and entertaining visitors. And they always keep the grounds outside decorated so nicely, keeping in the Halloween spirit.

Entrance Hall
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