Servants' Quarters

Mr. Buckles

Well, come on in. This is Mr. Buckles. He's our candle guy. He actually makes the candles and is also responsible for seeing to it that there are always plenty of lighted candles throughout the mansion, even in the dungeons. It's a large place so it's a full-time job and keeps him quite busy. A lot of candles are used here, especially in the dungeons where they are kept burning day and night. He sometimes picks up stray spiders too and makes sure they are out of harm's way. The little rascals don't always watch where they're going or where they spin their webs.

This is really where the servants sleep. Each person is responsible for their own bed and personal belongings. But they take turns with the housekeeping chores up here and, as you can see, it's very .. er, it has that lived-in look. . Anyway it's up to Mr. Buckles to see that the duty roster is posted every week. This was part of last week's schedule:

  • Check that all dust balls are in the corners and under the furniture.
  • Make sure there are at least a dozen squeaky floorboards in the area.
  • Make sure there are large cobwebs hanging from the ceiling.
  • Make sure the drafts are still coming through the cracks in the east wall.
  • Make sure the tips of the tree branches still brush the windows of the north side.
I don't think the schedule changes much. It's pretty routine work. Nothing demanding too much labour or time. None of them seem to mind doing the work. Leastways, I've never heard of any complaints about it.

Entrance Hall
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