The Attic

Welcome to the attic. What did you expect to find in an attic? There's so many strange and weird ... people ... living in this place that anything is possible. We don't have fancy lights up here, just a few ghosts carrying lanterns. This is the only place to get a little peace and quiet. Although it's becoming more and more crowded lately. Oh yeah, us spooks like our quiet times - mostly when we're not haunting.


This is Shirelle. She's kind kind of a 'closet writer' - if there is such a thing. She likes to write but does not have a very active imagination. so she tries writing the stories of the things - and beings - that we find up here. She says it should all be recorded for future generations. I have no doubt there will be enough to keep her writing for some time. At any rate, it keeps her content and it also keeps her quiet.

Spinning Wheel We store lots of stuff up here, some of it is worn out but some is still good - like this spinning wheel. This is the same spinning wheel that Snow White pricked her finger on. I'm sure you've all heard THAT story. But I bet you never knew that the wheel is still dripping blood after all those years! From what I have been able to find out, the previous owners bought it at an auction since the wife's sister was interested in spinning and weaving, and all that stuff. Anyway, it seems the old wheel still has its power because this lady pricked her finger just as Snow White had done and fell into a coma. I believe she died in some nursing home - if she's dead yet.

Bicycle I haven't uncovered the whole story about this bicycle yet but I'm working on it. I think it once belonged to a circus performer, a one-armed guy if you can believe it.

There might be a few extra tennants hiding up here somewhere too. These attics are huge and I haven't bothered to go exploring. However, I have heard some rustling in the distant corners, so you never know when some creature might show up.

Entrance Hall
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