Witchy Winnie's Den

Winnie Welcome! How nice to see you! I am Winnie. Yes, I'm a witch but you have nothing to be afraid of. I don't go around casting evil spells on people ... at least, not if they don't deserve it! Would you believe I was on a trek around the world when I came here? That's right. But Lady Hawke convinced me to stay. Didn't take much pursuading actually. I'm working on a line of herbal cosmetics and they have a wonderful garden here.

I've been working on my family tree in the past few years. Well, genaeology is popular with so many people and I got curious. Would you believe my ancestors came from Ireland? It seems that my great-great-great-grandmother was smuggled out of the old country by a nanny when people suspected of being witches were burned at the stake. Sure, they were burning people left and right, and sometimes without good reason. It was just their silly superstition. They didn't think there was any such thing as a good witch! I'll tell you more about it after I've unravalled the story a bit.

I'm a good witch. I use my crystal ball mostly to predict danger to children and then try to prevent it. I don't fly around on a broomstick. Heck, a jet is much more comfortable, don't you think? I do dabble in 'Love Potions' from time to time. All's fair in love and war, right? 'Hee-hee-hee' Oh, and I love to play tricks at Halloween.

Purdee and Knarla By the way, I'd like you to meet my cousins Purdee and Knarla. They came from the South Sea Islands for a visit several years ago. They liked it here so much, they decided to stay. They're supposed to be working on an Invisibility Spell but their skills aren't that great. However, they did produce some great-tasting soup, so we decided to do a little business on the side. They make the soup. I can it and sell it. Works quite well. We actually made a nice little profit last year, enough for the two of them to go on a Carribbean cruise.

They also tried to develop some scented bath oils, using wild flowers and other natural products for the scents, but what they got was more like laundry detergent! Again, another product we could market very successfully. So, all in all, their mistakes don't turn out too bad. Hee hee.

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