Would you like to try the house specialty?

The Wine Cellar

Greetings! I am Magadelena MaGou but everyone calls me MaGou. Yes, I am the official wine-taster but I also keep the records and supervise the other workers down here.

Whatís that? Oh yes, we have a special room for the wine tasting and visitors are often permitted to sample it as well. Itís not always open but you can try. The key is carefully hidden somewhere in this room. Sorry, I canít tell you where because when I hide it, I forget where it is. When I need it I have to search for it, just as you do.

Care to try this one?

There are other rooms down here too Ė used for storage and wine making and other things. The keys to some of them are also hidden in this room. Of course, not all the rooms down here are connected to wine-making. I donít know whatís in them Ė if thereís anything.

Sorry, it's a secret recipe. Where does this lead? This is one of the secret recipes, a Rose Sparkler. We've been making this for a couple of centuries and it's very popular. All the berries and fruits used in the wine-making are grown right here on the estate. And it's all grown organically. Nothing but the very best produce goes into Hawke's Hill wines.

No, I have no desire to explore any other rooms. I prefer to remain here in my own domain, doing the work I was hired to do. So go now and let me get on with it.

Entrance Hall
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