The Parlour


Well, what a perfect night for Halloween - at least in Priscilla's opinion. She loves storms, the thunder and lightning variety, that is. She doesn't particularly care for hurricanes or tornadoes, though, and she hates snow storms!

Something else Priscilla loves is Halloween. She enjoys passing out candy to all the little monsters ... er, the trick-or-treaters, I mean. That's why she has the bowl of candy at the bottom of the stairs. It's the perfect location to watch the lightning through the window and listen for the knocks on the door. She's really looking forward to this. I think she buys more candy than anyone else on the estate!

Scrammy And this is Scrammy. Why is she called that? Well, it seems that Hortense ... that's her real name ... used to be a fantastic gardener. She grew herbs and spices of all kinds. Only trouble she had was the crows kept trying to eat her plants before they had a chance to ripen. Hortense used to spend every daylight hour in the garden, weeding and driving the crows away, screaming at them to 'Scram!' At night she would be exhausted from weeding and screaming. One day someone said that 'Scrammy' was at it again and the name stuck.

Of course there are scarecrows to keep the crows out of the garden now. And Scrammy doesn't do the weeding anymore because of the arthritis in her knees. Other workers tend the garden while She mostly sits in her chair, drinking herb tea and day dreaming. But she still goes out there from time to time and screams at the crows to 'Scram!'

Entrance Hall
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