Lord Hawke's Room

Lord Hawke Well, hello. That's right, I'm Lord Hawke. Come in and sit down. There's no full moon tonight so I have time to chat. I love the full moon ... though it does have a somewhat drastic effect on me. But that's another story. The little dragon? Oh, that's Cheela, my pet. She's quite harmless ... at least, I think she is. She hasn't harmed anyone yet ... that I know of.

I chose this room because I think it was once occupied by the original Lord Hawke. Besides, it's next door to the lady of the manor. I needed a large room to hold my personal things. I have a number of interesting items - when I get time to unpack and display them properly.

I used to be a world traveller, many moons ago. This lovely old trunk, decorated with seashells, is filled with souvenirs from the south seas. The jar on the pedestal is an old one from China, that used to hold scented bath salts.

This place is much older than I can remember but it's in pretty good shape. Yes, it does take a lot of time, work and finances, but I think it's worth the effort. I think the place has character, don't you? In my opinion, the original owner, the builder, had good taste. Too bad, things ended the way they did.

He was an adventurer, you know, something like myself. He was constantly going off to new - and often unexplored - places. Never went to the same place twice. In between his travels, he built this manor, sometimes using and other materils that he brought back with him.

As a traveller, his social life was intermittent, but he was well known. During one of his periods at home, when the manor was nearing completion, he met the woman he wanted to marry.

Before settling down, he wanted to take one final trip; to a jungle where all sorts of rare and exotic birds could be found. In fact, stories even claimed that the legendary phoenix could be found there. His fiance didn't want him to go but relented after he promised that there would be no further travel after they married.

So he set off on his final expedition. He hoped to bring home some fine fabrics and hand-crafted jewellery for his intended bride; some rugs and draperies for the manor; and the usual collection of art works. Most of the art would be sold to pay for his trip - with a tidy profit left over, of course.

Unfortunately, no one had told him that the jungle he was going to was inhabited by one of the most secretive canabalistic societies ever known to man. He and most of his crew were captured and ... well, you can guess the rest.

Two of his crew members claimed they had been securing the boat and were just catching up with the main party when they saw the capture. The tribe, caught up in the frenzied excitement of their capture, did not see these other two. They finally arrived back home nearly two years later. Sadly, their story could not be proved; they were hanged for mutiny and suspicion of murder.

The grief-stricken fiance was devastated. She gave everything she had to the poor and entered a convent where she lived out the rest of her days. Ten years after the tragedy, the family sold the manor at a very low price, just to get rid of it.

Oh yes! When the place was under construction, this adventurer would walk through it every morning, just looking - and maybe planning what to bring back on his next trip. Well, sometimes he still does that ... usually just before dawn. If you should see him - he's harmless - as far as we know!

Entrance Hall
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