Hey!  You found the dragon's Sapphire.

The Baron's Library

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This is it, brother! May the best man win!


Now this is NOT a nice place to be. However, if you want to stay and hear the story, that's up to you. If you choose to leave, no one will blame you.

You want to stay? Very well, but I did warn you. If you don't question the contents of the library you'll probably be okay. I don't think they're out for blood anymore. Apparently there's supposed to be a secret entrance here somewhere that leads to a real treasure trove of very old and valuable books and ancient scrolls. We'll be sure to keep you informed.

These two are always fighting. They were put in charge of the library but have never been able to agree on what books should or should not be kept here. One wants history and the classics - the other wants travel and current best sellers. You get the idea. That's why the library doesn't have many books.

Shelf Well, their biggest fight of all - believe it or not - was over a book about the history of Hawke's Hill! One that was written about two centuries ago. However, while one brother wanted to keep the book, the other almost burned it! It caused such a fuss that they nearly hacked each other's heads off!

Table This book apparently told the truth about the Baron twins, how they got their titles. Rumor has it that they killed the rightful heirs and took their places. Yet another source states that their father cheated the first baron out of the title in a dishonest poker game. The trouble is, after their big fight, neither of them could talk. Their vocal chords were severed and never healed properly. And their blades have been dripping blood ever since!

We still don't know the whole story but rumor has it that the descendants of the original title holder are still looking for them and plan to reclaim their title.

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