Lady Hawke's Room

Lady Hawke Welcome, dahlings. I am Lady Hawke, but you may call me Veronica. That's what all my friends call me. Please come in ... sit down ... put your feet up and relax. This room was redecorated just a few weeks ago. Matches my gown. Do you like it?

I am partial to satin, especially red. It is the colour of life - the blood, you know. Besides, no self-respecting ... er, Lady of the night, shall we say ... would settle for anything other than satin in her bedroom. It is, after all, where I must remain from sunrise to sunset. Yes, I know you're not here to check out the decor ... you want to hear the story connected to this room. Right? OK.

Well, my story actually concerns this window here. No, there are no curtains at this window because I love to look at the beautiful night sky. During the day? ... well, I usually close the shutters - unless it's dark and stormy. I do so love ferocious storms, don't you? But, to get back to my story; from what I have learned, this room has always belonged to the mistress of the manor, which has been my position for - well, how long is not important.

Now, from what I was told, the very first mistress was a rather fragile person. She never went outside, fearing the harsh elements would ruin her delicate 'peaches-and-cream' complexion. She spent all her time in this room while her husband, poor dear man, tried everything he could think of to make her happy, but alas, nothing worked. Finally, in a last desperate attempt to please her, he set sail for foreign ports to purchase the finest things he could find. He vowed to return with a load of fabrics, perfumes, rare jewels and exotic incense. Night after night that poor lady sat by this very window, watching for some sign of her husband's ship.

Unfortunately, her husband never returned. According to one legend, he was coming home with a load of precious cargo for his wife when he met with pirates who robbed him and sank his ship. Yet another story says that he met a beautiful Eastern princess and, tired of all his useless efforts to amuse his wife, he changed his name and stayed with the princess.

After several years of waiting in her luxurious surroundings, in this very room, wallowing in loneliness and self pity, the poor demented lady began insisting that she heard her husband calling from the shore and that she was going to fly to his rescue. Although the old housekeeper watched her closely, one night she dozed off from sheer exhaustion and her mistress jumped out the window.

It has been said that her spirit can sometimes be seen leaping through the window, arms outstretched, soaring up into the dark sky. It has also been said that if you see her, you will be compelled to join her. Of course, it depends on whether or not you believe in the supernatural, doesn't it?

In any case, if you should come into this room and I am not here, please be on guard. It's a long way down from this window and the gardner does not like picking up broken bodies. Er ... it might also be wise to keep your neck covered too ... just in case temptation gets a little too strong.

Entrance Hall
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