The Kitchen

Head Chef The kitchen – the heart of the home, right? Well, for ordinary homes I guess but not this one. People here have rather strange tastes and … but let’s not get into that.

This is Wornetta, the head chef. She was a complete failure at witchcraft, partly because she had no interest in it. She could fly but her landing skills were terrible. Her family was embarrassed and as soon as she was old enough they encouraged her to move out.

You see, the only thing Wornetta has ever been passionate about was cooking. She absolutely loves to cook! When she left her family home, Wornetta found an old logger’s cabin in the forest and moved in. With some old weather-beaten pots, she set to work learning how to cook. She scoured the land for wild herbs and edible plants. She uses some unusual items and combinations. All her recipes are in her head and she will not share them.

She came to Hawke’s Hill when she was about 103 and has been here ever since. No one knows how long ago that was. Although she is proud of her position, she will not wear white – well, she is still a witch by birth, after all. So her new uniforms are always custom made and dyed grey as soon as she gets them.

Despite the sometimes unusual ingredients, her cooking skills are legendary around here. In fact, those who can do so, have often flown in for meals in our dining room. I do believe that Lord Hawke and Wornetta have been discussing some sort of Take-out service. It seems they are looking for the right delivery personnel to create a world-wide service. Now that would keep her quite busy … and probably very happy as well!

Entrance Hall
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