Torch Torch

Hawke’s Hill Manor

Oh Hawke’s Hill Manor is the place
Where everyone should go
When moon and stars can not be seen
And cold winds start to blow

For what’s when ghouls and demons rise
To gather round the place
As masks of every shape and size
Disguise each human face

They’ll eat up all the party food
With which the table’s spread
If you’ve no blood to give them
They will drink red punch instead

When music plays they like to dance
They shimmy and they shake
From dusk to dawn they’ll party on
Till bones and muscles ache

It is the night for ‘trick or treat’
As everybody knows
But make sure you are home again
Before the rooster crows

Oh Hawke’s Hill Manor is the place
Where you should not be seen
Unless you like to celebrate
When it is Halloween

Entrance Hall
© Fayz World & Sugarwolf Designs