The Egyptian Princess

Sphinx Torch Sphinx Torch

Egyptian Princess Guard Dog Hello. I am Ramasetta, an Egyptian Princess from long ago - but don't you dare call me old! Got it?. That's Anubi, my personal guard dog over there. And just so you know, if you try to touch me without my invitation, he'll bite your hand off. One more thing: I love to be entertained and there are plenty of subjects willing to oblige. I am royalty, after all.

Egyptian Dancer Egyptian Dancer Egyptian Dancer Egyptian Dancer Egyptian Dancer

The palace dancers are very good, don't you think. They're actually cousins that one of the servants told me about. My page boys decided to join them. They're not good dancers but they amuse me - for now. When I get bored with this, I will send them back to their regular duties and call for other entertainment.

Handmaiden My handmaiden makes all the arrangements for me. She has been with me since I was a girl. Her name is Shebella and she is very loyal. I am not sure I will keep her much longer though. She has grown too beautiful and I don't like competition. I have seen the way some of the visiting royals from other places look at her.

Perhaps I can arrange a marriage for her to one of the palace guards. Or I could send her to the temple, to serve with the priests. However, I think she could be happy raising a family so perhaps a marriage is best. As the wife of a palace guard she would have some social standing and I guess she deserves that much for her years of loyal service.

You should see this!

None of us really knows who this guy is. He looks like an Egyptian by the headdress. He keeps pointing to the right as if he wants us to see something. Perhaps we should check it out.

Entrance Hall - Ball Room
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