The Drawing Room

We hope you enjoy your visit. Please come in! Make yourself at home. We are Lord and Lady Hawke, the owners and custodians of Hawke's Hill Manor. We have owned this place for what seems like centuries, but just recently decided to open it to the public. You'll learn more about us as you tour the estate, but some things we do like to keep private - including our (ahem!) ages!

We met ... well, a long time ago ... in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Yes, that's right, Dracula's territory. We were there on a guided tour, but a daylight visit was not what we wanted. So we both returned to the castle late at night. That's when I, Lady Hawke, became a lady of the night. But that's not what you came to find out, so ...

I, Lord Hawke, inherited this place from a distant relative who purchased it from the original owners after the tragedy. The place was in a terribly rundown condition when I assumed ownership and the repairs needed were almost overwhelming! However, with my Lady to assist, we soon made it habitable, though there is still a great deal of work to be done.

Many of the former residents are still here. A few had relocated before we took possession, but the rest expressed a desire to stay, which was fine by us. It IS a big place. And we don't mind sharing - as long as they don't intrude on our privacy.

This place has many stories, many of which we don't even know ourselves. There are secret rooms, tunnels and who knows what else? Just last week we learned Mr. Mumbles' story. No wonder he talks to himself so much. Anyway, We are looking forward to all future developments just as you are.

We know that Gus met you in the foyer and explained about the house rules, the items not allowed inside, etc. Please pay attention to what he told you. While we have tried to ensure the safety of both our guests and our residents, we accept no responsibility for any consequences that may result from breaking the rules.

It's beautiful outside. The air is crisp and clean. We love this time of year. Would you like to join us on the Balcony? That's the entrance the children use when they come trick-or-treating, so it's all decorated for Halloween.

Entrance Hall
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