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The Dining Room

Swag Lamp


Imagine how many meals have been eaten in this room since the place was first built. Thatís a lot of cooking and a lot of chefs and cooks have worked here. But youíll probably hear about some of them later.

Thatís Caspian over there, just in from the Pumpkin Patch. He stopped in for a break after delivering some pumpkins to the Chef. Though I kind of suspect the chocolate chip pumpkin cookies may have tempted him just a little bit...

As you can see, there is no large family dining table here. The family always dines in private, in their own Ö way. This room is set up sort of like a cafť with a number of small tables instead. A lot of Ö people Ö are employed here and we do have frequent guests.

Witch Dining
Since employees have different hours, depending on their job and their work schedule, the kitchen and dining room are always open. Guests also wander in and out at different times, according to the hours they keep. Some party until the wee hours of the morning and donít usually want anything until lunchtime. Others are early risers and want a hearty breakfast. This dear soul is one of the late risers and still can't decide if she's ready to eat! Actually her eyelids look a bit heavy and I'm not at all sure she's fully awake. Perhaps the coffee will help when it arrives.

Waitress This is Snooki, the waitress. She's a bit old to be on her feet but luckily we don't have many rush hours. She's very old. Make no mistake though, when it does get crowded, Snooki can whiz around as fast as anyone. I'm just not sure she could keep up such a pace for any length of time.

Snooki seems to spend most of her time talking to her cat, probably telling stories of her past. I don't know about you but if you ask me, the cat actually looks kind of bored. The poor thing looks like it would rather be off chasing mice or birds, or something.

Entrance Hall
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