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Ship's Wheel
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Ship's Wheel

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This is the Captainís room Ė Captain Orville Blight to be precise. If memory serves me, I think he was the third owner of this place. Thatís his portrait up there on the wall. Below it is his desk, the same one he probably used when he wrote the 999 journals that rumors say he had. Apparently he liked to write about his travels and adventures, and itís said that he had some amazing experiences. You may get to read some of them.

Some stories say he was a mean, cantankerous old man who spent most of his time at sea. Others say he was a pirate. He IS wearing a pirateís hat butÖ thatís not really proof. However, he also sppears to be holding in his hand what kind of looks like a buried treasure map. And THAT is intriguing!

Captain Blight had no children but his brothers and sisters had plenty. Strangely enough, I don't think any of the previous owners had children. Every generation makes a new search but no treasure or map has been found. A favourite niece claimed his huge old four-poster bed a few years after his death. It has been handed down through hir family ever since. The Captain also had a habit of rescuing empty barrels from his ship and would use them as tables. No one seemed to be interested in claiming them.

A few of the Captainís things have been collected for display in this room. Check out the shipís wheel on the wall. Impressive, isnít it? it has an interesting story too and had such an impact on the Captain that he had two replicas made and mounted on either side of his portrait. Some believe the secret to his treasure lies womethere in those wheels.

The biggest problem is that the Captainís things are stored among centuriesí worth of other stuff in several storage rooms beneath the mansion Ė too close to the dungeons! Crates and trunks are not labeled so searching is difficilt and slow to say the least. Some have said that the Captainís ghost moves things around down there which confuses things even more. Not sure thatís true, butÖ

His adventures? I'm glad you asked because I almost forgot to tell you. As his family descendants go through the journals, they sometimes decide to share a story. Here are some we are working on at present.

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