Every night is dance night.

The renovations are complete and the Grand Ball Room is finally ready for use again. Mr. Fingers has been waiting a long time, his fingers just itching to work the keys of the old piano once more. He likes to play all the old classic waltzes, though it doesn't look like anyone actually follows the music when they're dancing.

Purple Goblin Purple Goblin Purple Goblin

The first to arrive were some purple goblins from beyond the Swamp. No one sees them very much - unless they hear music! They love to dance!

Older Couple

This old couple said they were out for a walk and heard the music, so they wandered in. We're not so sure that's the truth because Hawke's Hill is kind of off the beaten path , but they look harmless so we let them stay. You just never know who's going to show up next.

Entrance Hall
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