Do you really want to go there?.

The Balcony

Little Birds Little Birds


So what do you think? Our son, Whoosley, carved and painted the pumpkins. He's really good with his hands. Catarina, our daughter, did the scarecrow. The crows just took up residence here on the fence. I think someone's been feeding them so they stuck around. The bats ... oh, they're around ... somewhere. Do you see those little birds flying around up there? The little white ones. They're very high up. They won't come close and I don't know what kind of birds they are. Usually around midnight they sing for about five minutes and they sound beautiful. That's all, just five minutes, and then they go silent again. Strange, isn't it?

So do you think the children will like the setup here when they come trick-or-treating? It's not too scarey for them, is it? We have bags and bags of treats to give out.

Yes, of course you may step down off the balcony if you wish. I've never been out there myself so I have no idea what's out there.

Entrance Hall
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