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The Grounds
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Welcome to Hawke's Hill Manor
Where it's always Halloween!

Cheers! Welcome! I am Ghostly Gus but you can call me Gus. I guess you could say that I'm kind of like a butler here. I've just brewed my favourite fire punch and it's just as hot as it looks.

The owners and custodians of this place are Lord and Lady Hawke; in some ways as alike as two peas in a pod, while in other ways as different as night and day. I've been here a couple hundred years but I've served in other mansions. As bosses go, the Hawkes are among the best, asking only that you do your job. Their four children maintain rooms in the manor, but spend most of their time outside in their work environments, where they also have living quarters.

Many of the rooms are connected to stories or legends, and we hope to tell them all in time. We don't call it haunted - just unusual. But, it depends on what you mean by haunted, doesn't it? Just remember, it's all in the spirit of Family-friendly Halloween Fun!

Most rooms are now open for public viewing, having been renovated and updated. A few, still untouched, will be opened in time. Also, the dwellings and activities of the Hawke children have been updated. The cells and tunnels in the Wine Cellar and Dungeons seem to shift and change, making it impossible to map them accurately. Keep in mind that no one is sure who or what lives in these areas, except for the employees in the winery.

The grounds of Hawke's Hill Estate are quite extensive and we still know little about some parts, such as Mount Haukston. These features will be made available as they are explored and mapped. If something is open, such as the Haunted Library for children, the listing at the left will be actively linked to the portal.

Now, I must tell you about the portals. Lord Hawke's instructions are that all visitors must be fully informed about the transportation system. With so many places to visit here on Hawke's Hill Estate, it was decided that Transportation Portals were the best option. This simply means that when you step into a portal, you will be instantly taken to the next place. It saves time and is the most efficient means of travel for a place this size.

We do our best to keep everything as it should be but, sometimes a few rogue elements do sneak into the mechanism, interrupt the natural flow of energy and throw things off course. Therefore, when you enter a portal, we cannot say for certain exactly where you will end up. However, there are built in safeguards which prevent users from being harmed. You will meet all those within the system through which you are travelling but... there could be a few suprises along the way. And, no matter where you go, the Entrance Hall portal will always be available if you should wish to end your tour at any time.

As always, someone will be on hand to explain about each place or resident you visit - even if you don't see them. A word of assurance - no matter who (or what) you see, feel, or imagine beyond this point, nothing will harm you. House rules forbid it and punishment for breaking any of those rules is severe and irreversible. Also, there are escape routes all over the place that will bring you back here - if you wish to use them.

You must - before entering - leave at the entrance any wooden or silver stakes, guns with silver bullets and any other potentially dangerous weapons you may have. Just as we have house rules to protect our guests, we must also consider the safety of our residents.

Oh! One more thing! Please don't bring any wolfsbane or garlic inside - Lord and Lady Hawke are allergic to the stuff! Oh! And don't harm any bats! They are the Lady's pets! Enjoy your visit and we hope you will return.

Hawke's Hill
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