Please Come In Are you sure you want to go there?
Welcome to Hawke's Hill Manor

Hope you have a haunted halloween! The dead can't hurt you ... right?
Welcome. It's always nice to see visitors.
Please use the main entrance to tour the Manor; or the gates to visit the Backyard.
You may encounter some strange-looking characters in the Backyard, but don't be alarmed.
They will obey the House Rules and they will not harm you.
You will have to return here in order to enter the Manor. No one uses the back door.

Original graphics in this section: Ghostly Gus, Lord Hawke, Lady Hawke, Baron Twins, Granny Annie, Cousin Winnie, Bathina, Sebastian, Catarina & Harper.
Plus a few props too insignificant to mention.
Remaining graphics were obtained from working with children's colouring sheets, from *free* sites over several years, or through Google search.

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