Thomas Welsh of Edwin

WELSH, Thomas
      Born: about 1846/7, Burin; age 50 at second marriage in 1896, listed as being from Burin.
      Father: Edwin Welsh
      Mother: Elizabeth Pearce
      Married (1): 1871, witnesses Edwin J. Welsh and Edward Cluett
      Spouse: Esther Bambury
      Born: circa 1844 [married at 27]
      Died: 23 October 1895
      Father: Minter Bambury
      Mother: Julia ?
           [1] Thomas Welsh; born 15 November 1882

      Married (2): 28 September 1896
      Spouse: Julia Rideout
      Born: about 1862 at Burin (age 34 when married)
           [1] Esther Welsh (apparently named after Thomas' first wife)

NOTE: Local tradition and oral family history indicate that Thomas Welsh is the father of Berkley Williams/Nurse; born 17 August 1894; illegitimate son of Elizabeth Williams. Elizabeth was Thomas' niece by marriage, the daughter of wife Esther's sister, Maria

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