The Rideout Family

      Spouse: Mary Trowbridge
      Born: circa 1812
           [1] John Rideout; born circa 1826; baptized at age 9 by Archdeacon Wix in 1835, Bay de l'Eau Island
           [2] George Rideout; born circa 1830; baptized at age 5 by Archdeacon Wix in 1835, Bay de l'Eau Island
           [3] Susan (or Susannah) Rideout; born circa 1834; baptized at age 1 by Archdeacon Wix in 1835, Bay de l'Eau Island

      Born: circa 1830
      Died: 1906, age 75; at Little Harbour, near Harbour Mille
      Father: John Rideout
      Mother: Mary Trowbridge
      Married: 1862
      Spouse: Emma Jane Blagdon of Coombs Cove
      Born: circa 1843 (19 when married)
      Father: James Blagdon
      Mother: Ann (?)
           [1] Sylvia Ann Rideout; born September1865 (Anglican records) [Census records list her as Ann in 1921 and Sylvia in 1935]
           [2] John Rideout; born circa 1867 (age 68 in 1935)
           [3] Clara Rideout, born around 1868
           [4] (?George) Rideout
           [5] Harriet Rideout; born 1872 at Little Harbour
           [6] James Rideout; born circa 1876 (age 59 in 1935)
           [7] Frank Rideout; born circa 1879 (age 56 in 1935)
           [8] Samuel Joseph Rideout; born circa 1883 (age 52 in 1935)

RIDEOUT, Sylvia Ann
      Born: September 1865
      Died: died 07 May 1936, age 71 1/2 years
      Father: George Rideout of Little Harbour
      Mother: Emma Jane Blagdon of Coombs Cove
      Married: 05 October 1885
      Spouse: William John Keeping
      Born: September 1863, Rencontre East (1921 Census)
      Died: 10 November 1937
           [1] James Keeping; born September 1893 [1921 Census]; married Effie B. of Rencontre [born August 1887]; children: Gladys, born August 1915, Rencontre; Madge, born July 1917, Rencontre; Clyde, born July 1919, Rencontre; Roy, born circa 1922; Bessie, born circa 1925; Doris, born circa 1928 [married James Shephard]; Reginald, born circa 1931
           [2] Maggie [Margaret?] Keeping
           [3] Arthur Keeping; born December1896, Rencontre
           [4] Susan Keeping; born July 1889; married Edward “Ned” Anderson [born March 1890, Burgeo]; children: Hazel, born September 1913, Rencontre; George, born July 1915, Rencontre; Mary, born August 1917, Rencontre

- The last child of James and Effie was born in 1931 and James was listed as a widower in 1935, so Effie died between 1931 and 1935.
- William John and Sylvia Ann were living with daughter Susan and her husband in 1935.

      Born: April 1867, Little Harbour
      Died: between 1935 and 1945
      Father: George Rideout of Little Harbour
      Mother: Emma Jane Blagdon of Coombs Cove
      Married: 15 November 1887
      Spouse: Abraham Blagdon
      Born: March 1863, Boxey
      Father: William Blagdon of Boxey (born 1829, baptized 1836 at Jacques Fontaine, of Thomas and Margaret)
      Mother: Ellen Trowbridge of Bay de L’Eau (born 1831 of Thomas and Ann)
           [1] Bertha Jane Foote Blagdon; born 22 August 1889; married [1] a Miles of Boxey, widowed in 1921, living with mother-in-law Emma Miles, also a widow; children: Olivia, born April 1912, Boxey, married Harold Blagdon [born circa 191; son Reginald, born circa 1943/44]; Leah, born September 1913, Boxey; Amy, born June 1915, Boxey [Bertha’s husband died between 1915 and 1921]; married [2] before 1926 George Skinner [born circa 1887]; children: Ruby, born circa 1926; Newman, born circa 1928; Enola, born circa 1935
           [2] Eugene Blagdon; born 14 September 1891; married Birkett ?, born circa 1892; children: Francis, born circa 1930; Grace Elizabeth, born circa 1935; also living with Eugene in 1935 was step-son Thomas Clemo, 21, teacher with the C of E Board of Education; and Silvia Emma Miles, age 57, sister-in-law, single (In 1945 the family included Sylvia Blagdon, born circa 1878, sister.)
           [3] Emily Florence Blagdon; born 1897; married Adam Miles, born circa 1895; children: Everett James, born circa 1922; Hubert Blagdon, adopted, born circa 1923; living with Adam’s father, George Thomas Miles, age 79 in 1935; also living with the family was Mary Pittman, age 23 [born circa 1912], domestic servant (Note: in 1945 the family included ?Minned Pittman, age 34 [born circa 1911], adopted; and Richard Pittman, age 4 [born circa 1941] adopted. Possibly Mary and her illegitimate son?) Adam’s father, George T. Miles was still living with the family in 1945, age 80.
           [4] Myrtle Blagdon; born 27 September 1899; apparently not married
           [5] William George Blagdon; born January 1902
           [6] Samuel J. Blagdon; born February 1904; married around1935; children: Walter, born circa 1935, and Effie, born circa 1937; Samuel was a widower in 1945 and living with him were his father, Abraham Blagdon [widower, age 81] and sister Myrtle Blagdon [single, age 48]
           [7] Jessie Blagdon; born May 1906;
           [8] Effie Blagdon; born August 1908; married Ernest Strowbridge, born circa 1908; son Walter, born circa 1935, age 9 months when census was taken

      Born: circa 1879 (age 56 in 1935 census)
      Died: at age 75 (about 1954)
      Father: George Rideout of Little Harbour
      Mother: Emma Jane Blagdon of Coombs Cove
      Married: 11 March 1903 at Harbour Mille
      Spouse: Caroline (Pardy?)
      Died: 1922
           [1] Abigail Rideout; born 2 December 1902
           [2] William Arthur Rideout; born 1904; married Lucy Vardy; children: Caroline, Ann, Charles, David, and Ella who married Capt. Ben Scott, St. John’s
           [3] Walter Rideout; born 1906; married Alma Baker; children: Carrie, married Fred Lake of Fortune; Nita; Jane, married William Mavin of Fortune; Miriam; Florence; and John
           [4] Samuel J. Rideout; born 1911, married Edith Barnes; [Samuel was living at Harbour Mille in 1935, and engaged in the bank fishery.]
           [5] Edgar Rideout; born 1913, died at Fortune in 1996, married Elizabeth Johnson; children: Olive, Clara, Frank
           [6] Margaret Rideout; born circa 1901; married Loven Barnes, sailor on the “Steamer”; children: Nellie/Ellen [circa 1923], Clara [circa 1925], Beatrice [circa 1927], Rhoda [circa 1929], Willoughby [“Bill” circa 1932]; living at Port-aux-Basques), Roland [circa 1935], and Arthur
           [7] Clara Rideout; who died at age 3.

RIDEOUT, Samuel Joseph
      Born: circa 1883 (52 in 1935 census); living at Harbour Mille in 1935, listed as fisherman in the Bank Fishery
      Father: George Rideout
      Mother: Emma Jane Blagdon
      Spouse [1]: Emily Jane Rachel Scott
      Born: circa 1885 (50 in 1935 census)
           [1] George Rideout; born circa 1911; married Martha Fizzard
           [2] Hilda Rideout; (married a Pardy); died at Jacques Fontaine where she lived with her daughter who had married William John Johnson of Jacques Fontaine

      Spouse [2]: Martha (?Pitman)
           [1] William Rideout; adopted, born circa 1926 (age 9 in 1935 census)

      Born: circa 1876 (age 59 in 1935)
      Father: George Rideout of Little Harbour
      Mother: Emma Jane Blagdon of Coombs Cove
      Spouse: Sarah McCarthy of Terrenceville

RIDEOUT, Harriet
      Born: 1872 at Little Harbour
      Father: George Rideout of Little Harbour
      Mother: Emma Jane Blagdon of Coombs Cove
      Married: 1895
      Spouse: Philip Pardy
      Born: circa 1871 (24 when married)
      Father: James Pardy
      Mother: Elizabeth Baker

      Born: circa 1911 (24 in 1935 census); living at Little Harbour East in 1935; listed as fisherman in Bank Fishery
      Father: Samuel Rideout
      Mother: Martha (Pitman?)
      Spouse: Martha Fizzard
      Born: February 1907, Hoop Cove
      Father: John Henry Fizzard
      Mother: Elizabeth
           [1] Raymond Rideout
           [2] Rachel Rideout; married Amos Barnes
           [3] Earl(e) Rideout; married Gertrude Bonnell, living in Port Colbourne, ON
           [4] Leo Rideout; died in 1997; married Geneva Grandy
           [5] (John or Henry) Philip Rideout; drowned; married Dulcie ?
           [6] (girl) Rideout; died around 2 years

RIDEOUT, Raymond
      Father: George Rideout
      Mother: Martha Fizzard
      Spouse: Helen [Clarke] Moulton
      Father: Alfreda Agustine (Albert Augustus?) “Gus” Garnier
      Mother: Maud L. Clarke
           [1] Bert Rideout
           [2] Amelia (Millie) Rideout
           [3] Frederick Rideout
           [4] Valerie Doreen Rideout

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