Richard Nurse of William

NURSE, Richard
      Born: September 1871, Green Bay Cove
      Father: William Nurse
      Mother: Cecilia Hiscock
      Spouse: Caroline Butler
      Born: 09 December 1882, Robin Hood (Port Rexton); christened 28 January 1883, Trinity East – Port Rexton Anglican Parish
      Died: 08 May 1972
      Father: Peter Butler (1857-1929)
      Mother: Emma Evelly (1856-1917)
           [1] Amy Cecilia Nurse (AKA Amelia Nurse); born 1909, Trinity North District
           [2] John Nurse; born about August 1908, Champney’s East
           [3] Emma C. Nurse; born about August 1910, Champney’s East
           [4] Leah G. Nurse; born August 1912, Champney’s East (maybe Leah Grace, and went by the name of Grace)
           [5] Cyril A. Nurse; born November 1913, Champney’s East
           [6] Clarence Nurse; born December 1915, Champney’s East

NURSE, Amy Cecilia (AKA Amelia Nurse)
      Born: 1909, Trinity North District
      Father: Richard Nurse
      Mother: Caroline Butler
      Spouse: Alonzo Hookey
      Born: about 1905, Champney’s
      Died: 10 January 2001, Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital, Clarenville, buried 13 January 2001, St. Clement’s Anglican Cemetery, Champney’s West
      Father: James Hookey (1889-?)
      Mother: Mary ? (1891-?)
           [1] Austin G.A. Hookey; married Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Goldsworthy
           [2] Leslie J. Hookey; married Clarice ?

      Born: about 1908, Champney’s East
      Father: Richard Nurse
      Mother: Caroline Butler
      Spouse: Esther J. ?
      Born: circa 1919, Scotland
           [1] Richard J. Nurse; born circa 1943, Scotland

(Note: Richard was retired in 1945 at the age of 76. Esther J. and Richard J. were both born in Scotland. John, who was born in Trinity N., Esther J. and Richard J. were all living in Scotland in 1935 and at time of 1945 census had been living in Nfld for 1/3 year. John was listed as a fisherman for 1935 and 1945. Apparently he was overseas to have met his Scottish wife and his son was born there.)

NURSE, Cyril A.
      Born: circa 1914
      Father: Richard Nurse
      Mother: Caroline Butler
      Spouse: Clarina Hart
      Born: circa 1918
           [1] Eric C. Nurse; born circa 1942
           [2] Robert C. Nurse; born circa 1944
           [3] Fred Nurse
           [4] Roy Nurse
           [5] Grace Nurse
           [6] Joseph Nurse

Note: In 1945 census Cyril was noted as being a Carpenter, engaged as a Boat Builder, but had apparently been a fisherman in 1935.

NURSE, Eric C.
      Born: circa 1942
      Father: Cyril A. Nurse
      Mother: Clarina Hart
      Spouse: Emily Russell
           [1] Gail Nurse
           [2] Greg Nurse
           [3] Valerie Nurse
           [4] Barry Nurse
           [5] Sherri Lynn Nurse

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