Minter Bambury of Unknown

      Spouse: Julia ?
           [1] Joseph Bambury; born circa 1826; died 1900
           [2] Elizabeth Bambury; born circa 1833, baptized 1845 at Belleoram, age 12
           [3] Samuel Bambury; born circa 1836
           [4] Maria Bambury; born circa 1842, Lally Cove; died 11 May 1903, Poolís Cove, age 60
           [5] Esther Bambury; born circa 1844

Note: Julia, wife of Minter, probably died before 1842 because she is not listed on daughter Mariaís marriage record.
Note: Death records from Vital Stastics show that Esther (Bambury) Walsh was born at Woody Island, Placentia Bay. It is, therefore, quite possible that some of her siblings, including sister Maria, may also have been born there.

      Born: circa 1844 (27 when married)
      Died: 23 Oct 1895, age 52, Pool's Cove; Natural Causes
      Father: Minter Bambury
      Mother: Julia ?
      Married: 1871, witnesses Edwin J. Welsh and Edward Cluett
      Spouse: Thomas Welsh
      Born: circa 1847 [married at 24]
      Father: Edwin Welsh
      Mother: Elizabeth Pearce
           [1] Thomas Welsh, born 15 November 1882 (of Thomas and Esther)

Notes: Esther's death record states that she was born at Woody Island, Placentia Bay.
Oral tradition indicated that Thomas Welsh was the father of Berkley Williams, son of Estherís niece Elizabeth.

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