Mary Ellen Williams of John

WILLIAMS, Mary Ellen
      Born: 1846, Sound Island
      Died: 11 September 1931, buried at Pool’s Cove
      Father: John Williams
      Mother: Hannah Maria
      Spouse: Philip Farrell of Bay du Nord
           [1] Pious Farrell
           [2] Jerome Farrell
           [3] Minnie Farrell
           [4] John Farrell

Note: Mary A. Farrell, born June 1846 at Bay du Nord, was listed as a widow at Bay du Nord in 1921. Was this Mary Ellen Williams, and was her place of birth recorded wrongly? Mary Ellen Williams supposedly married Philip Farrell of Bay du Nord – where did they live? They were supposed to have had four children, including three sons, whom we should be able to locate in the 1921 census. However, there was no Pius, Jerome or John Farrell living at Bay du Nord in 1921. There was a Phillip who could have been the son of Philip and Mary Ellen, and he had a daughter named Ellen. Evidence for this family is unconfirmed and further research is needed.

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