John Williams of John

      Born: 09 November 1833, Woody Island, Placentia Bay
      Died: 11 April 1873, age 40, Bay du Nord
      Father: John Williams, planter, born Woody Island Placentia Bay
      Mother: Hannah Maria [Ann]
      Married: September 1867 at St. Bartholomew's Church, Harbour Breton (residence at time Bay du Nord)]; witnesses: Esther Bambury, Mary Ann Welsh, Sam Bambury, William Foot
      Spouse: Maria Bambury
      Born: circa 1842, Lally Cove
      Died: 15 May 1903, age 60 (cause of death was 'consumption')
      Father: Minter Bambury, planter, born Bay du Nord
      Mother: Julia ?
           [1] Eliza[beth] Williams; born 21 June 1871, Bay du Nord
           [2] John Henry Williams; born Bay du Nord

Note: Both John and Maria were illiterate. Since Maria's mother was not listed on her marriage record, it is possible she may have died before 1867.

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth
      Born: 21 June 1871
      Died: 05 November 1937
      Father: John Williams
      Mother: Maria Bambury
      Partner: may have been Thomas Welsh
           [1] Berkley Williams; born 17 August 1894; illegitimate

      Married: 09 November 1898, Little Bay East
      Spouse: Edward Richard Nurse
      Born: 04 April 1872
      Died: 21 November 1927; fatal gunshot at Pool’s Cove
      Father: Edward Sprague Nurse
      Mother: Honor Ford

- According to oral and family history, it is fairly certain that the biological father of Elizabeth's son, Berkley is Thomas Welsh.
- After Elizabeth married Richard Nurse, her son grew up using the name of 'Nurse' although he was never formally adopted.

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