James Williams of John

      Born: 1836 [lived at Bay du Nord]
      Father: John Williams
      Mother: Hannah Maria
      Married: 30 May 1859, Belleoram, residence listed as Woody Island
      Spouse: Victoria Rose of Belleoram
      Born: around 1842
      Father: Robert Rose
      Mother: Madeline Dollimount
           [1] Edith Williams, born 20 June 1861
           [2] Henry Williams, born 17 December 1863, Belleoram
           [3] George Williams, born 10 June 1864, Belleoram
           [4] Madeline Maria Williams, born 03 December 1866, Belleoram
           [5] Alexander Williams, born 17 September 1870, Belleoram
           [6] Leonard Williams, 1873, Belleoram (to Gloucester).

      Born: 20 June 1861, Belleoram
      Father: James Williams
      Mother: Victoria Rose
      Married: 1884; witnesses Robert Rose and George Rose
      Spouse: Charles Patten Williams [first cousin] of Grand Bank
      Born: 1863
      Father: Charles Williams from Woody Island
      Mother: Susan Nicolle.
           [1] James George Williams, 1885
           [2] Elizabeth Williams, 1887
           [3] Lily Williams [married James Francis and Felix Baker]

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