The Fizzard Family

FIZZARD, (?James)
      Born: around 1815-1820
           [1] William Fizzard; born about 1842; died 1912, Creston
           [2] Isabella Fizzard; born about 1844; married [1]? Brushett, had son James Brushett; married [2] Charles Brake, lived in Creston
           [3] James Fizzard; born about 1850; moved to Grand Le Pierre
           [4] Philip Fizzard; born about 1852; moved to Hoop Cove as a young adult
           [5] John Fizzard; born October 1860, Creston; married Mary H. [born June 1865, Burin Bay]; son Sam [born July 1899, Creston]

FIZZARD, William
      Born: about 1842
      Died: 1912, Creston
      Father: (?James) Fizzard
      Spouse: Francis Dibben of Burin
           [1] James Fizzard; born 1868; died 1949; married Alvina Brushett [born 1870, died 1951]; they lived at Creston with their children: Gabriel [born June 1894; Francis [girl, born 1891], John [born 1892], Philip [born August 1900], Stephen Earl [born June 1902], George; Mary Ann [born 1904]
           [2] John Fizzard; born 1870; died 1918
           [3] Richard Dibben Fizzard; born May 1870/1, Creston; married Martha [born December 1880, Oderin]; children: Earnest [born February 1900, Creston], Arch [born October 1904, Creston], William [born August 1906, Creston], George N. [born July 1910, Creston], Morgan [born August 1915, Creston]
           [4] William Henry Fizzard; born May 1868; married Susan T., born September 1867; children: William [born November 1903]; Edna Eveley, step-daughter [born November 1907]
           [5] George Fizzard; born January1875, Creston; died 1954; married Liza [born March 1887, Red Harbour]; children: James J. [born June 1915, Creston], Susan Bell, step-daughter 0born January 1910, Flat Islands]
           [6] Philip Fizzard; born June 1880, Creston; married Elizabeth [born February 1887, Creston]; children: Thelma [born January 1906, Creston], Doris [born January 1909], Herbert [born September 1911, Creston], Leonard [born October 1914, Creston], Cecil, [born September 1916, Creston]
           [7] Mary Ann Fizzard

FIZZARD, Isabella
      Born: about 1844
      Father: (?James) Fizzard
      Spouse [1]: ? Brushett
           [1] James Brushett
           [2] Jemima Brushett; married John Murley

      Spouse [2]: Charles Brake

      Born: about 1850, Burin
      Died: between 1881 and 1921
      Spouse: Rachel Kearley of English Harbour East
      Born: November 1853, Grand La Pierre; widow in 1921; living with son Charles
           [1] George Fizzard; born September 1875, English Harbour East; widower in 1921, living with brother Charles)
           [2] Sarah Ann Fizzard; born July 1877, Grand La Pierre; married Ernest Lettie Rose [born February 1879 of William, Belleoram]; children: Ella [July 1905], Florence [January 1908], Hilda [August 1910], Blanche [December 1913], Ernest [July 1917], Alice Ada [April 1920] (Note: all the Rose children were born at Belleoram)
           [3] William Fizzard; born July 1879, English Harbour East; married Anne [born August 1885, Grand La Pierre]; children: Matilda [January 1906], Frances [May 1908], Elsie [October 1909], Charles [July 1913], Mary [November 1918], Edith [June 1921] (Note: all children were born at Grand La Pierre.)
           [4] Charles Fizzard; born November 1881, Grand La Pierre; married Susanah [born December 1901, Grand La Pierre]

Note: The following children living with Charles and his wife were listed as nieces and nephews, so were probably the children of George: William [born June 1910, English Harbour East], Mary [born October 1911, English Harbour East], John [born January 1915, Grand La Pierre], George [born August 1916, Grand La Pierre]

      Born: about 1852
      Spouse: Hannah Herridge
      Born: June 1853, Long Harbour
      Father: John Herridge, born circa 1825 at Lobster Cove
      Mother: Mary Ann
           [1] John Henry Fizzard; born 1877, Lobster Cove; married Elizabeth Phillips
           [2] Mary Ann Fizzard; born 1879, Lobster Cove
           [3] Elizabeth Ann Fizzard; born March 1883, Lobster Cove; married Charles Pope; children: Charles Edwin, born circa 1903 [wife Angela, born circa 1907; daughter Freda, born circa 1933]; Edith, born August 1913; Hannah, born July 1915; Reta, born June 1917. (Elizabeth, widow, was living with Charles and family in 1935.)
           [4] Charles Fizzard; born 1885, Andersonís Cove; married Lillian Walters of Stoneís Cove
           [5] George Manuel Fizzard; born 31 March 1888, Hoop Cove or Andersonís Cove; married Priscilla Thornhill [born circa 1891, of Eli John and Jane Thornhill, Andersonís Cove]; children: Gordon [born circa 1916], Georgina [born circa 1929], Garfield [born circa 1934]; father-in-law Eli John, age 68 [born circa 1867, fisherman, Shore Fishery] was living with George and Priscilla in 1935
           [6] William Thomas Fizzard; born 18 August 1890, Hoop Cove or Andersonís Cove; married Sarah Matthews from Grand John
           [7] Sarah Bertha Fizzard; born November 1894, Hoop Cove; died 20 October 1959, aged 66 years, buried at Stoneís Cove; married Edward John Herridge, born May 1897, Hoop Cove; children: George R. [born August 1914, Hoop Cove], Manuel [born August 1915, Hoop Cove], Philip [born August 1917, Hoop Cove], Norman [born December 1919, Hoop Cove], Dorothy [born circa 1921], Mary H. [born circa 1925], Lucy [born circa 1927], Lizzie Ann [born circa 1930], Carrie [born circa 1931]
           [8] Esther Fizzard; married Philip Poole

Note: Philip and Hannah were living in Lobster Cove at the time of their marriage. Hannah was probably named for her grandmother, Hannah, wife of James Herridge at Lobster Cove.

FIZZARD, John Henry
      Born: October 1875, Hoop Cove
      Died: between 1922 and 1935 (son Charles was born in 1922, Elizabeth was widow in 1935)
      Father: Philip Fizzard
      Mother: Hannah Herridge
      Spouse: Elizabeth Phillips
      Born: April 1879, Hoop Cove (father listed as born in England)
           [1] William Fizzard; born August 1903, Hoop Cove
           [2] Philip Fizzard; born March 1905, Hoop Cove
           [3] Martha Fizzard; born February 1907, Hoop Cove
           [4] Emily Fizzard; born July 1909
           [5] Lucy A. Fizzard; born January 1913
           [6] Esther Fizzard; born November 1917
           [7] Velmar (?Velma) Fizzard; born July 1919
           [8] Charles H. Fizzard; born circa 1922; died of tuberculosis while mining operations were taking place on Stoodís Hill, Long Harbour

FIZZARD, William
      Born: August 1903, Hoop Cove
      Father: John Henry Fizzard
      Mother: Elizabeth
      Spouse: Mary Jane
      Born: July 1901, Femme
           [1] James Fizzard; born July 1921
           [2] Elizabeth Fizzard; born circa 1924
           [3] Philip Fizzard; born circa 1926
           [4] Thomas Fizzard; born circa 1927
           [5] Vilma (?Velma) Fizzard; born circa 1931

      Born: February 1907, Hoop Cove
      Father: John Henry Fizzard
      Mother: Elizabeth
      Spouse: George Rideout
      Born: circa 1911 (24 in 1935 census); living at Little Harbour East in 1935; listed as fisherman in Bank Fishery
      Father: Samuel Rideout
      Mother: Martha (Pitman?)
           [1] Raymond Rideout
           [2] Rachel Rideout (married Amos Barnes)
           [3] Earl(e) Rideout (married Gertrude Bonnell, living in Port Colbourne, ON)
           [4] Leo Rideout (married Geneva Grandy), died in 1997
           [5] (John or Henry) Philip Rideout, drowned (married Dulcie ?) (This could be Dulcie, born circa 1924, daughter of Enos and Henrietta Thornhill.)
           [6] (girl) Rideout, died around 2 years

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