Charles Williams of John

      Born: 1830, Woody Island; went to Grand Bank
      Died: 1898
      Father: John Williams
      Mother: Hannah Maria
      Married: 11 July 1859 at Grand Bank
      Spouse: Elizabeth Patten of Grand Bank
      Born: 09 July 1837, baptized by J.G. Hennigar
      Father: John Patten, merchant of Grand Bank
      Mother: Susan Nicolle.
           [1] Eliza Williams, 1859
           [2] John Williams, 1860
           [3] Charles Patten Williams, 1863
           [4] Charlotte Patten Williams, 1866
           [5] Louisa Tibbo Williams, 1868
           [6] James Buffett Williams, 1879 (twin of Joseph)
           [7] Joseph Williams, 1879 (twin of James)

      Born: 1860
      Father: Charles Williams
      Mother: Elizabeth Patten of Grand Bank
      Married [1]: 25 September 1872
      Spouse: Elizabeth Nicolle
      Born: 18 September 1854; baptized 26 November 1854 by John S. Peach
      Died: 1885
      Father: Philip Nicholle, fisherman
      Mother: Jane Elizabeth ?
           [1] Philip Nicolle Williams, 1881-1883
           [2] Elizabeth Bella Williams, 1885

      Married [2]: 05 February 1887
      Spouse: Mary Thornhill
           [1] Amelia Williams, 1887

Note: The marriage recorded on 25 September 1872 in Grand Bank Methodist records was of John Williamson, fisherman, and Elizabeth Nicholle. Was this John Williams, son of Charles, or was it someone else entirely? It is a little unusual that the couple named their first son after the mother's father when the custom was to name the first son after the father's father. One source indicates that the marriage record says that the John Williams, who married Elizabeth Nicholle, was a Welshman. John Williams, son of Charles and Elizabeth (Patten) Williams, was born at Grand Bank. Therefore, it is not certain that John Williams[on] who married Elizabeth Nicholle was indeed the son of Charles and Elizabeth of Grand Bank.

      Born: 1859, Grand Bank
      Father: Charles Williams
      Mother: Elizabeth Patten of Grand Bank
      Married: 13 May 1885
      Spouse: William Williams of Bay du Nord
           [1] Laura Dicks Williams, 1887, Grand Bank

WILLIAMS, Charles Patten
      Born: 1863
      Father: Charles Williams
      Mother: Elizabeth Patten of Grand Bank
      Married [1]: 30 October 1884
      Spouse: Edith Williams [cousin]
      Born: 1861
      Father: James Williams
      Mother: Victoria Rose
           [1] Lily Williams; married [1] James Francis; children: Charles and John; married [2] Felix Baker.

      Spouse [2]: Martha Ann Chapman
           [1] Annie Williams, 1905
           [2] Edith Williams, 1907; married [1] John Moore and [2] Frank Grandy
           [3] Clara Williams, 1910
           [4] Johnny Williams, 1913
           [5] Leonard Williams, 1916
           [6] Philip Williams, 1921

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