Caroline Williams of John

WILLIAMS, Caroline
      Born: circa 1833, Woody Island, Placentia Bay
      Died: 01 December 1911, age 78, of bronchitis
      Father: John Williams
      Mother: Hannah Maria
      Married: James Perham, Jr.
      Born: Wild Cove, Burin
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Mary
           [1] Mary Ings ('Polly') Perham in 1856
           [2] John Samuel Perham, born around 1860
           [3] Anna Elizabeth Perham, born around 1864
           [4] Frances Perham, 1868
           [5] Victoria Perham, 1871 (born Bay du Nord)
           [6] Frances Perham, 1873
           [7] Ruth Perham, 1874 (Bay du Nord)
           [8] James Perham, June 5, 1876 (Pool’s Cove)
           [9] Levi (or Eli) Perham, 1878
           [10] Charles Robert, 1880 (Bay du Nord)
           [11] Louisa? Perham, born 1867 (Louisa was second wife of Peter Williams.)

PERHAM, Mary Ings
      Born: circa 1855 (age 20 when married)
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Caroline Williams
      Married: 1875
      Spouse: George (Mathieu) Matthews
      Born: circa 1849 (26 when married)
           [1] Caroline Matthews; married [1] a Lawrence, and their daughter Nellie Lawrence married Jacob G. Mullins, Sr. (no children). Caroline married next John Henry Hillier and had a son Enos (“Nos”) Hillier.
           [2] Frances Matthews; married Isaac Baker of Lally Cove (parents of George Thomas Baker)

PERHAM, John Samuel
      Born: around 1860 (married at 22)
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Caroline Williams
      Married: 15 November 1822, at St. Pierre
      Spouse: Martha Jane Brady
      Born: circa 1859 (married at 23)
           [1] Nelson George Perham, 1883-1914; married Helen Green, 20, daughter of William and Annie Green of Burgeo, on October 12, 1911 at North Sydney, Nova Scotia. This is a very sad tale: George Nelson, sailor on the S.S. Sharon, was torpedoed in November, 1914. His widow Helen, 1891-1918, died in the Halifax flu epidemic, leaving two little children, Cecil, born 1913; and Goldie. [Their Aunt Lydia probably brought them up.] Cecil William married Betty Wilkinson and Goldie married Charles Manville.
           [2] Ann Perham, 1886-1947; had 3 husbands, Janes, Noseworthy, and Benjamin Stewart – no children.
           [3] Lydia Perham, 1899-1991; married Harold McInnis; children: Ann and John
           [4] Alice Perham, 1888-1961; married Joseph Ings; children: Mary, Ernest, Georgina, Angus, Charles, Martha, Goldie and John
           [5] Emily Perham; married William Stewart; children: Roland, Rina, Matilda, William and Muriel
           [6] Charles Perham, 1893-1917; not married; was killed in the Halifax explosion – grave marker at Lakeside Cemetery, North Sydney
           [7] Caroline Perham; married Angus Lamond

Note: According to his headstone in North Sydney, John Sam was born 1854 and died 1926. The actual date is probably between 1854 and 1860.

PERHAM, Anna Elizabeth
      Born: around 1864
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Caroline Williams
      Married: 1882
      Spouse: George Brown
      Born: 1845 at Rock Harbour
      Died: 02 June1909 of stomach cancer at Pool’s Cove
      Father: Henry Brown of Rock Harbour, Placentia Bay
           [1] Jessie Brown, 24 May 1893
           [2] Henrietta Brown, 24 November 1895; married 31 January 1918 Enos Thornhill of Anderson’s Cove
           [3] Bertha Brown, 29 September 1898
           [4] Tryphena Brown, 13 May 1903
           [5] Eli Brown, 1905, died 08 December 1906 at 11 months

Note: Early birth records for Pool’s Cove have a ‘Jessie Brown’, born 24 May 1893 to George and Ann Eliza Brown. In the Pool’s Cove marriage records we find that Joshua Brown of English Harbour West, married 27 January 1919 Sarah Slade of Baine Harbour. The 1935 Census for Pool’s Cove list Joshua Brown, 40 [born circa 1895], engaged in the Cod Fishery; wife Sarah, 33 [born circa 1902]; and children: Cyril, 14 [circa 1921]; Dulcie, 11 [circa 1924]; Velma, 5 [circa 1929; William, 11 months [circa 1934]. Children born to ‘Jessie’ and Sarah Brown at Pool’s Cove are: Dulcie Brown, 11 October 1924; Baby Brown, 26 December 1925; Marion Brown, 14 July 1927; Velma Brown, 05 August 1929; William Robert Brown, February 1933; William Robert Pope Brown, 01 October 1934. Were Jessie and Joshua the same person?

PERHAM, Frances
      Born: 1868
      Died: must have died at an early age since James and Caroline had another Frances in 1873
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Caroline Williams

PERHAM, Victoria
      Born: 1871
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Caroline Williams
      Married: at St. Pierre

PERHAM, Frances
      Born: 1873
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Caroline Williams

      Born: 1874 at Bay du Nord [married at 18]
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Caroline Williams
      Married: 18 November 1891
      Spouse: Samuel Mills, Jr., widower, of Burin [father born England]
      Born: circa 1862 (29 when married)
           [1] Phoebe Mills, born circa 1895; married Alfred William Sheppard [born circa 1885], Lightkeeper; children: Samuel, circa 1921; Ralph, circa 1924; George, circa 1926; Alfred, circa 1931 [Mary Jane Sheppard, mother,born circa 1854, father born in England, was living with them in 1935]
           [2] Esther Mills, born August 1897; married Joseph Mullins, Jr. (born December 1891 of Joseph Sr. who was born circa 1863, father from England; and Emily, born circa 1875); children: Lillian, January 1918; Rhoda, August 1919; Frances M., July 1921; Rosabel, circa 1924; Ruth, circa 1927; Joseph, circa 1930; Jacob, circa 1931; Calvert, circa 1935
           [3] Conrad Mills, born circa 1914; married Dorothy Drake
           [4] Willoughby Mills, married twice – died Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, at 87, in the year (?2000)
           [5] Mary Mills, married Raymond Chaytor from St. John’s
           [6] Caroline (“Carrie”) Mills married [1] Clayton Poole and married [2] Philip Holman – to Halifax, N.S.
           [7] Lewis Mills, married Clara Cluett of Belleoram – to Halifax, N.S. (daughter Doris married Edward Moulton of California)
           [8] John Mills, married Kitty (Lunenburg) – Capt. John drowned in a storm in the 1970s
           [9] Rhoda Mills, born circa 1917; married Cyril Drake [born circa 1913] from Belleoram            [10] Samuel Mills, born circa 1920; drowned in World War II (Merchant Marine)
           [11] George Mills (Merchant Marine), drowned.

Note: The family moved to Doctors Harbour at some point. John J. Drakes, born August 1855 at Lally Cove, and his wife Elsie M., born November 1892 at Lally Cove, had a son Cyril Drakes, born September 1912 at Lally Cove. The family was living at Lally Cove in 1921. This may have been the Cyril who married Rhoda Mills. 1935 Census for Doctor's Harbour lists Cyril Drakes as born circa 1913, with wife Rhoda, born circa 1917.

      Born: 05 June 1876, Pool's Cove; engaged in Cod Fishery
      Father: James Perham
      Mother: Caroline Williams
      Spouse: Bertha ?
      Born: circa 1882
           [1] James Perham, circa 1904; married Ada [born circa 1908]; children: Joyce, Alexander, Philip
           [2] Lavinia Perham, circa 1907
           [3] Lillian Perham, baptized 1910
           [4] Stanley Perham, circa 1910-1911
           [5] Leonora Perham, 1912
           [6] Onslow Perham, 1912-1990; married Esther; children: Jessie [married James Crant of Fortune]; Melvin; Edward [married Bernice Engram of Fortune; children: Sheldon, Sterling, Stephanie]
           [7] Rosetta Perham, 1915
           [8] Howard Harvey, circa 1916
           [9] Merrill Perham, circa 1917; married Elizabeth Miles; children: Norman, Florence, Bertha, Verdena, Shelia
           [10] Flora Perham, circa 1921

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