Appoline Garnier of Constant

GARNIER, Appoline
      Born: 09/10 September 1852; baptized 31 October 1852
      Died: 09 March 1917
      Father: Constant Garnier
      Mother: Laetitia Crouse (Marie Christe)
      Married: 12 July 1871
      Spouse: Anathase Langlois
      Born: about 1830, Rimouski, PQ
      Died: 07 October 1894, Sandy Point
      Father: Jean-Baptiste Langlois
      Mother: Eloise Parent
           [1] Athanase John Langlois; born 03 November 1872, Sandy Point
           [2] Angus Ernest Langlois; born 12 June 1874, Sandy Point
           [3] Louis Constant Langlois; born 05 February 1876; baptized 08 June 1876, Sandy Point; died 16 August 1949, St. Mary’s Hospital, buried Holy Sepulcer Cemetery, East Orange, NJ [1910, living with brother-in-law Victor Barber, East Orange, NJ, occupation Watchman – Railroad; 1930, living with Victor Barbour, East Orange, NJ]
           [4] Remi Joseph Langlois; born 22 August 1880, Bay St. George
           [5] Hubert Langlois; born March 1878, Sandy Point; died about 20 September 1960, Denver, Colorado [1920 USA Census, boarding in Denver, occupation carpenter, emigrated 1900; 1930 census, living in Denver, occupation carpenter]
           [6] Marie Louise Langlois; born 20 December 1883, St. George’s
           [7] Anna Viola Langlois; born 18 March 1890, Main River; died 13 March 1966; last residence Tyler, Smith County, Texas [1910 USA Census, living with brother Athanase in Newark, NJ; 1920, living with sister Mary Louise Barber, East Orange, NJ, emigrated 1905, occupation Upholsterer in department store; 1930, living with sister, East Orange]

Note: In the 1910 USA Census, Appoline was living with son Athanase in Newark, NJ. At the time of death in 1917, living in Livingston, NJ; death certificate gives mother’s name as Laetitia Crouse

LANGLOIS, Athanase John
      Born: 03 November 1872, Sandy Point
      Died: before 1930
      Father: Anathase Langlois
      Mother: Appoline Garnier
      Married: 22 April 1896
      Spouse: Albina Magna Crowley [parents born in Ireland]
      Born: about 1873, New Jersey
      Died: 15 February 1961, buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, NJ
           [1] Apolin Langlois; born October 1897, New Jersey; married about 1923 to Unknown Walsh who was born in New York; children: Mary Jane Walsh, born about 1925 in Ohio; James G. Walsh, born about 1928 in Ohio [1920, Apolin living in Philadelphia, occupation Bookkeeper with Bell Telephone; 1930, living with mother in Newark]
           [2] Athenase Langlois; born 29 December 1908, New Jersey; died 04 July 1911, New Jersey, buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Newark
           [3] Gerard Victor Langlois; born 17 October 1910, Newark, NJ; died 27 February 1991; Military Record: Enlisted 11 July 1942, Muster Date 1931, Private with 1st Batallion, 19th Reserve Marines; son Victor Vincent Langlois, born Atlanta, Georgia

Note: Athanase emigrated to USA in 1889/90. In 1900 he was living in Newark, NJ, listed as a carpenter. 1920, living in Philadelphia, PA. 1930, Albina was living in Newark, listed as Head of House.

LANGLOIS, Angus Ernest
      Born: 12 June 1874, Sandy Point
      Died: 04 February 1954, buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, East Orange, Essex, NJ
      Father: Anathase Langlois
      Mother: Appoline Garnier
      Spouse: Elizabeth Unknown
      Born: about 1874       Died: 28 November 1932, buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
           [1] Roger Langlois
           [2] Virgina Langlois
           [3] Ernest Langlois

Note: 1900 USA Census, Angus was living with brother Athenasa in Newark, listed as a carpenter, having emigrated in 1893.

LANGLOIS, Remi Joseph
      Born: 22 August 1880, Bay St. George
      Died: 04 April 1943, buried Mt. Benedict Cemetery, Boston, Mass
      Father: Anathase Langlois
      Mother: Appoline Garnier
      Spouse: Alice Redman
      Born: March 1876, St. John’s
           [1] Mary Langlois; born July 1906; died 16 May 1915, buried Stephenville
           [2] Mercedes Langlois; born November 1907
           [3] Cecilia Langlois; born November 1908
           [4] Nora Langlois; born February 1910
           [5] Frances Langlois; born July 1911
           [6] Nancy Langlois; born 1915
           [7] Mary Langlois; born 1916

Note: Alice Redman was first married to John Curtis who died at sea. Family emigrated in 1923.

LANGLOIS, Marie Louise
      Born: 20 December 1883, St. George’s
      Died: 15 April 1963, buried Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
      Father: Anathase Langlois
      Mother: Appoline Garnier
      Married: 1910-1914
      Spouse: Victor Barber
      Born: about 1885, East Orange, NJ
      Died: 04 February 1935, Newark, NJ
           [1] John T. Barber; born 08 December 1913, New Jersey, living in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1966; died 17 August 2002, Blue Ash, Cincinnati; served in US Navy; married to Unknown
           [2] Marie Barber; born 22 January 1917, New Jersey; died 25 November 1993, Tyler, Texas; married Alfred Allen, who died 31 March 1972 [Alfred was listed as single in death records?]

Note: 1910 USA Census, Marie Louise was single, living with brother in Newark; 1920 USA Census, East Orange, occupation Office Clerk.

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