William Herridge of John

      Born: 1859, Lobster Cove
      Died: Unknown
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Mary Ann ?
      Married: 18 September 1878 at the Schoolhouse in Long Harbour
      Spouse: Esther Baker
      Born: circa 1864 (married at 14)
      Died: 06 September 1895 at Lobster Cove, age 43, of Milk Fever, attended by Dr. Conrad Fitzgerald; buried Lobster Cove by T.P. Quintin
      Father: James Baker
      Mother: Sarah Cains
           [1] George James Herridge, baptized 09 October 1879 at Lobster Cove
           [2] Mary Ann Herridge; baptized 15 September 1882 at Lobster Cove
           [3] Sarah Ellen Herridge; born circa 1884; confirmed 1898
           [4] Arthur Thomas Herridge; born 1895 at Lobster Cove, baptized 02 August 1895; died 28 January 1896, age 5 months, of bronchitis; died and buried at Lobster Cove

Note: Esther, who married William, was apparently named after her grandmother, Esther (Osborn) Caines. William Herridge, widower, married again on 08 August 1898. His second wife was Rachel (Grandy) Reid, widow of Philip Reid. Rachel was 34 years old, daughter of Mary Ann Grandy. In an interesting turn of events, when Williamís father, John1, and Estherís mother, Sarah, married in 1879, William and Esther became stepbrother and sister as well as husband and wife.

      Born: about 1881; baptized 15 September 1882,Lobster Cove
      Died: before 1945
      Father: William Herridge
      Mother: Esther (Caines) Baker
      Spouse: James Pike
      Born: August 1846, Bay LíArgent
           [1] Reginald Pike, born October 1909 at Bay LíArgent
           [2] Clarence Pike, adopted son, born circa 1924
Note: Mary Ann died before 1945 as James was a widower then at age 71.

PIKE, Reginald
      Born: October 1909 at Bay LíArgent
      Father: James Pike
      Mother: Mary Ann Herridge
      Spouse: Emily ?
      Born: circa 1916
           [1] Carrie Pike, born circa 1939
           [2] Frank Pike, born circa 1941
           [3] Cyril Pike, born circa 1943

Note: In 1935 Reginald, at 26, was a fisherman, engaged in the Cod Fishery. His earnings for the previous year had been $47. Reginaldís age is listed as 30 in the 1945 Census, but this could be an error on the part of the Enumerator or the Transcriber. It is most likely the same person as there is no other Reginald Pike in the area.

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