Tubal-Cain Caines of Jacob[2]

CAINES, Tubal-Cain
      Born: baptized December 1799
      Father: Jacob Cain Caines
      Mother: Elizabeth Hacker
      Married: 25 July 1827, St. George Hanover Square, London, Middlesex
      Spouse: Jane Garrett
      Born: 1803, Tisbury
      Died: 1855
           [1] Louisa Cains; born 1828, Tisbury; married 08 February 1853 Henry Thomas Cook, at Bath, Somerset
           [2] Emma Keens; born circa 1829, possibly Tockington. Bristol, Gloucestershire; married Unknown Bull
           [3] Elizabeth Caines; born 27 March 1831, Alveston, Gloucester
           [4] Julia Ann Caines; born 23 November 1834, Alveston, Gloucester

Jane Garrett, wife of Tubal Cain Caines

Jane Garrett, born around 1803 and died September 1855, married Tubal Cain Caines who was a half-brother to Kish Caines (the one who came to Newfoundland). Jane’s body was found in the river Avon, an apparent suicide brought on by severe depression.

A. H. English, Esq, held another inquest, at the Three Blackbirds, Upper Bristol Road, on Friday evening, on the body of Jane Caines, who was taken out of the river Avon the same morning. The deceased, who was 52 years of age, was the wife of a coachman to a gentleman's family in Green Park, and lived at 28, James Street. She left home shortly after eight in the morning with the professed object of paying for a pair of boots for her daughter, and it appeared from the evidence of the latter, who slept with her, that during the night she woke her up several times and asked her to look at the lightning, of which there were no signs. She had been in a depressed state of mind, in consequence of a report for which there appears to be no foundation. The unfortunate deceased was found floating on the water in the Avon, about quarter to nine Friday morning, near Green Park, and when taken out she appeared scarcely dead, and some portion of her clothes was quite dry, so that she had never sunk. There were no means at hand, or any taken, for resuscitating her, and the body, after some delay, was conveyed to the stable of the house in which the inquest was held. The jury returned a verdict "that the deceased committed suicide whilst labouring under temporary insanity".

(Chris Keynes, a Caines descendant from the Isle of Wight, found this newspaper report in The Bath Chronicle of 06 September 1855 reporting the inquest into the death of Tubal Cain Caines’ wife Jane.)

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