The Tibbo Tree

Possible ancestry for the Tibbo family of Hare Harbour.

TIBBO, Unknown
      Born: reported to be from Jersey, Channel Islands
           [1] James Tibbo; probably born about 1745-50; emigrated to Newfoundland; adult at Grand Bank in 1811; father of Jonathan [born about 1770-75], William, Ann, and maybe others
           [2] Matthew Tibbo; probably born about 1756-61; emigrated to Newfoundland and settled on north side of Fortune Bay
           [3] William (?) Tibbo; emigrated to Newfoundland, adult in Placentia Bay in 1786

TIBBO, James
      Born: probably about 1745-50, Jersey, Channel Islands
      Possible children:
           [1] Jonathan Tibbo; born about 1770-75; died 1825; married Susanna Hickman [1779-1842]; children: George [born 1807, Grand Bank; died 18 August 1881]
           [2] Ann Tibbo; born 1778; died 1853; married Charles Patten of Grand Bank
           [3] William Tibbo; married Susanna; children: Morgan [born 1825]

Note: Jonathan and Susanna may also have had John, Elizabeth, Susan and Ann. Morgan Tibbo, of William and Susanna, moved to Liverpool, NS where he is said to have changed his name to Charles Rose.

TIBBO, Matthew
      Born: probably about 1756-61, Jersey, Channel Islands
      Spouse: Sarah Unknown
           [1] James Tibbo; born about 1786; died 21 October 1863, Belleoram; married Grace
           [2] John Tibbo; born about 1790, Long Reach, Belleoram; died 20 August 1849, Belleoram; married Mary
           [3] Benjamin Tibbo; born about 1791; died 22 June 1866, Bay d’East; married Frances
           [4] Peter Tibbo; born 1798; died 1856, age 58; married Jane

TIBBO, William
      Born: from Jersey, Channel Islands

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