Susan Banfield of Richard Banfield

      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Spouse: Philip Grandy
      Father: Charles Grandy
      Mother: Ann Anstey
           [1] George Samuel Grandy; baptized 1861
           [2] Andrew Joseph Grandy; baptized 1865
           [3] Henry Thomas Grandy; baptized 1867

GRANDY, George
      Born: August 1861, Garnish
      Father: Philip Grandy
      Mother: Susan Banfield
      Spouse: Elizabeth
      Born: September 1864, Garnish
           [1] Thomas Grandy; December 1895, Garnish; married Annie
           [2] Robert Grandy; January 1900, Garnish
           [3] Annie Grandy; August 1904, Garnish

Note: George Samuel Grandy, aged 74, was retired in 1935, of the United Church faith, and living in his own five-room house, which was valued at $700. Son Thomas Philip, engaged in the cod fishery, was living in his own six-room house, valued at $700, and also of the United Church faith.

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