Solomon Caines of Kish

CAINES, Solomon Ambrose
      Born: November 1859, Rencontre East (1921 Census)
      Died: 27 April 1925 at Marystown; of throat cancer, age 66 [born circa 1859]; attending physician C. Harris; place of birth listed as Fortune Bay; Roman Catholic; buried Marystown by J. McGrath
      Father: Kish Caines
      Mother: Unknown [Native]
      Married [1]: 08 November 1891, at Burin, by Rev. P. O'Connor; witnesses: James Melay [Malloy?] and Mary Walsh
      Spouse: Anne Antle
      Born: circa 1869, Mortier (1921 Census)
      Died: 18 September 1912, at Mortier; of Heart disease; RC, age 43; born Mortier, buried Fox Cove [born circa 1869] by J. McNamara
           [1] Mary Alice Kanes born 28 May 1892, Mortier; baptized 23 June 1892, by P.M. O'Connor, RC
           [2] Elizabeth Ann Caines born 26 June 1896; baptized 16 January 1897 by W.J. Browne, C of E
           [3] Bridget Caines; born June 1900 (1921 census)

      Married [2]: 05 November 1912, at Burin, by J. McNamara; witnesses: Hannah Power and John Hanrahan
      Spouse: Frances Charlotte Hanrahan [neč Riggs]
      Born: circa 1872 [20˝ at first marriage; 61 at time of death], Shoal Point
      Died: 19 March 1933, at Shoal Point, age 61, of Pneumonia; Roman Catholic; buried Marystown
      Children of Frances from previous marriage:
           [1] George Hanrahan Jr.; born May 1891, Marystown
           [2] Mary Anne Hanrahan; born 27 January 1892, Marystown; baptized 07 March 1892, by P.M. O’Connor, Roman Catholic; died before 1935; married William Power
           [3] Charles Hanrahan; born August 1905, Marystown; married Mary, born circa 1911

- Solomon is known to be a son of Kish because of oral history handed down through the descendants of his daughter Mary Alice.
- Solomon was recorded as Solomon Ambrose at the time of his first marriage; fisherman; age 27 [born circa 1864]; Roman Catholic; and his place of residence at the time of marriage was Mortier.
- McAlpine’s Directory shows Ambrose Caines at Mortier in 1894 and Solomon Caines at Mortier in 1904 – obviously the same man.
- Solomon remarried about 6 weeks after his first wife’s death – a bit quick. Frances had been widowed about 5 years. Solomon was listed as 46 at the time of his second marriage [born circa 1866).
- Frances Charlotte Riggs, age 20˝, of Mortier Bay; and John Hanrahan, age 29, of Shoal Point, Marystown; married on 13 November 1892 at Marystown; witnesses: John William Farrell and Kate Galton. A note under the marriage record says “Ex necessitable” – Out of necessity. Marriage recorded at Burin Roman Catholic Church.
- John Hanrahan died at sea; drowned on 02 October 1907 at age 43. A total of 10 men from the Marystown-Burin area drowned on the same date, ranging in age from 23 to 57, most likely the crew of a schooner. No place of internment was given so it is presumed that the bodies were not recovered.
- In 1921 Solomon and Frances were living at Marystown South with her two sons. He was listed as Saul, obviously a misspelling of “Sol” which is short for Solomon. The marriage and death records, however, have him listed as Solomon.
- Oral family history also indicates that Solomon had a brother Cornelius, sister Mary Jane, who was known as Min Jane, and possibly a brother Benjamin.

CAINES, Mary Alice
      Born: 28 May 1892, Mortier; baptized 23 June 1892, by P.M. O'Connor, Roman Catholic
      Father: Solomon Ambrose Caines
      Mother: Anne Antle
      Married: 15 October 1912, at Mortier, by J. McNamara; witnesses: Michael Power and Elizabeth Caines
      Spouse: Richard V. Pittman
      Born: England, December 1888 [1921 census], or circa 1890 [married at 22]
           [1] Joseph A. Pittman; born 11 October 1911, Mortier; married Elizabeth Drake [born 05 August 1915]; daughter Mary J. Pittman
           [2] Annie V. Pittman; born 05 November 1916, Marystown; married William Joseph Power
           [3] Leonard Pittman; born 04 September 1917, Marystown; married Mary Ellen Withers, born circa 1920
           [4] Elizabeth Pittman; born 02 September 1919, Marystown; married Michael Walsh
           [5] Eileen/Ellen Pittman; born 29 August 1922; married John Dober [24 August 1924]
           [6] Annunciatta Carmellis Pittman; born circa 1928; married William Withers [born circa 1925]
           [7] Richard Pittman; deceased when only a few days old

- Mary Alice Caines witnessed the marriage of her stepsister, Mary A. Hanrahan, at Burin on 18 October 1910.
- One of the witnesses at Mary Alice’s marriage was her sister, Elizabeth.

CAINES, Annie Elizabeth
      Born: 26 June 1896; baptized 16 January 1897 at Bay du Nord by W.J. Browne, C of E
      Father: Solomon Ambrose Caines
      Mother: Anne Antle
      Married: 03 November 1916, at Epworth, by A.N. Janes, witnesses: William Burbridge and Eliza Burbridge
      Spouse: Edward Wilson Brewer
      Born: July 1881 [1921 census; and married at 35]
      Mother: Susannah [born 1849, Burin]
           [1] Irene A. Brewer; born December 1916, Burin
           [2] Jessie M. Brewer; born December 1919, Burin
           [3] Joseph Wrixon; born April 1903, Burin
           [4] Emmeline Brewer; born March 1921, Burin
           [5] Melinda Brewer; born circa 1923; married a Brown
           [6] Eli Brewer; born circa 1926
           [7] Susanna Brewer; born circa 1927; married a Morgan
           [8] Isabella Brewer; born circa 1930

- Birth record has Annie Elizabeth recorded as Elizabeth Ann.
- In their marriage record, Edward Wilson is listed as Methodist while Annie E. was listed as Roman Catholic; He was a fisherman.
- Wilson and Annie Elizabeth were still at Port au Bras in 1945, Living at home with them were son Eli, age 20; daughter Isabelle, age 16; and granddaughter Jessie, age three.
- The 1921 census gives Annie Elizabeth’s place of birth as Sydney, Canada, while the 1935 census just says Canada. However, the Fortune Bay records have her birth place recorded as Bay du Nord. Did she, perhaps, spend time in Sydney before her marriage in 1916?
- In 1921, Wilson and Annie had living with them a young man of 18 years, Joseph Wrixon, listed as ‘son’, whose identity is uncertain.
- In 1921 Edward Wilson’s mother, Susannah, a 72-year-old widow, born June 1849, was living with the family. Mrs. Brewer died of Influenza on 29 December 1927, age 78. She was of the United Church; born, died and buried at Epworth.

CAINES, Bridget
      Born: June 1900 (1921 census)
      Father: Solomon Ambrose Caines
      Mother: Anne Antle
      Married: 04 November 1916, at Burin; by F.J. O'Regan, witnesses: James Abbott and Ellen Abbott
      Spouse: William Hartstone
      Born: circa 1894 [married at 22]; or August 1891 [1921 census]
           [1] Annie Hartstone; born September 1918, Port au Bras; married Ernest Abbott, born November 1921 of John Joseph and Annabella; had 21 children
           [2] Irene Hartstone; born circa 1926; married Gordon Brown; son Gabriel
           [3] Joseph Hartstone; born circa 1932; married Loretta Power

Notes: - The marriage record lists Bridget as 19 and William as 22. Both were Roman Catholic and of Port au Bras [meaning both were living in Port au Bras at the time of the marriage].
- The 1935 census lists a son John, age 3, born circa 1932; the 1945 census has Joseph, age 13, born circa 1932; but family information has Joseph. Was his name John Joseph?
- William Hartstone’s true birth year is difficult to pinpoint; his marriage record indicates 1894, the 1921 census indicates 1891 and the 1945 census indicates 1889. The 1935 census is, in all probability, an error, recording his age as 23, indicating he was born in 1912. Whether this error was made by the census taker or the transcriber is not known.

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