Sarah Caines of Kish

      Born: born 25 Jul 1843, Fox Island; baptized 05 September 1846 by Rev. Blackmore at Fox Island
      Father: Kish Caines
      Mother: Esther Osborn
      Married [1]: 07 September 1861 at Rencontre East, by W.K. White, witnesses: Charlotte Coffin and Jane Keeping
      Spouse: James Baker; Planter of Rencontre East
      Born: circa 1833, planter of Lally Cove (of John & Rose, Rencontre East)
      Died: 1876 at Corbin
      Father: John Baker
      Mother: Rose Unknown
           [1] John Baker; born Rencontre East; baptized 06 September 1861, by William Kepple White
           [2] Sarah Ann Baker; born Rencontre East; baptized 25 October 1863, by William Kepple White
           [3] Esther Baker; born circa 1864, Rencontre East; baptized 19 January 1866, by William Kepple White
           [4] Charlotte Baker; born 1867 at Corbin
           [5] Mary Jane Baker; born circa 1868 (1935 census)
           [6] Elizabeth Baker; born 1870 at Corbin

      Married [2]: 19 May 1879 at Hr Breton, by William Kepple White, witnesses: Charlotte Thornhill and Jane Stones
      Spouse: John Herridge, widower
      Born: circa 1825, Lobster Cove [54 at second marriage]
      Father: James Herridge
      Mother: Hannah Unknown
           [1] Julia Ann Herridge; born Lobster Cove; baptized 09 October 1879 by William Kepple White
           [2] John Herridge; born Lobster Cove; baptized 15 September 1882 by William Kepple White

- In their marriage record of 1861, James Baker was listed as Servant of Rencontre East. Sarah Kane was listed 'of Conn Harbour', indicating that [1] Kish and family may have been living there at the time; or [2] Sarah was 'in service' with another family, though not recorded as such.
- Her second marriage record shows Sarah as 36 years old, widow, Servant at Lobster Cove when she married 54-year-old John 'Erridge', Planter of Lobster Cove.

Descendants of John Baker

      Born: Rencontre East; baptized 06 September 1861, by William Kepple White
      Father: James Baker
      Mother: Sarah Cain
      Married: 12 May 1892, at Rencontre, by W.A. Haynes; witnesses: Henry Collins and William Baker
      Spouse: Harriet Roberts
      Born: April 1872, New Harbour (married at 21)
      Father: Joseph Roberts of New Harbour
           [1] Elsie Mary Baker; born 30 April 1893, Rencontre; baptized 31 May 1893, by W.A. Haynes
           [2] Laura Harriett Baker; born 20 May 1895, Rencontre; baptized 30 May 1895 by P.G. Bullen [Lay Reader]
           [3] Shenandoah Ida Baker; born 26 April 1897, Rencontre; baptized 30 July 1897 by W.A. Haynes
           [4] Aubrey Baker, February 1900, Rencontre
           [5] Nelson Baker, February 1906, Rencontre
           [6] William J. Baker, January 1909, Rencontre
           [7] Leah Baker, August 1913, Rencontre

- The 1921 census gives Johnís birth date as December 1861. However, considering his date of baptism, perhaps this should be December 1860.

BAKER, Elsie Mary
      Born: 30 April 1893, Rencontre; baptized 31 May 1893, by W.A. Haynes
      Father: John Baker
      Mother: Harriet Roberts
      Married: 30 December 1915, at Belleoram, by G.S. Templeton; witnesses: Arthur Cluett and Laura Baker
      Spouse: Willard Cluett
      Born: 24 October 1891, Belleoram; baptized 15 November 1891 by W.A. Haynes [Illegitimate]
      Died: 25 August 1927, Drowned, At Sea, age 57, body not recovered
      Mother: Clara Cluett
           [1] Estella Cluett; born May 1917, Belleoram
           [2] Wilson Albert Cluett; born September 1918, Belleoram

- The baptism record has William Albert; death record has Albert William; while the marriage record and 1921 Census show Willard. It is the same person because the baptism record lists him as the illegitimate son of Clara Cluett and in 1921, Clara Cluett Ė 59, single, Mother Ė was living with Willard and his family.
- Besides his mother, in 1921 Willard also had living with him an uncle, John William Cluett, age 46, born November 1874, Single.
- In 1935, Elsie Mary Cluett, widow at 42, was living in her own 6-room house valued at $500. She was a Fish-maker and had earned $50 in the previous year. Her daughter, Estella, now 18, was still at home. Her 16-year-old son, Wilson Albert, was Sailor on a Coasting Vessel, but was still listed as a member of the household. Wilsonís income had been $120 for the previous year.
- In 1945 only Elsie and Wilson remained in the family home.

Descendants of Esther Baker

BAKER, Esther
      Born: Rencontre East, circa 1865; baptized 16 January 1866 by William Kepple White
      Died: 06 September 1895 at Lobster Cove, of Milk Fever, age 43, buried Lobster Cove
      Father: James Baker
      Mother: Sarah Cains
      Married: 18 September 1878 at the Schoolhouse, Long Harbour, by William Kepple White; witnesses: Jane Stone and Matilda Francis
      Spouse: William Herridge
      Born: circa 1859
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Mary Ann?
           [1] George James Herridge; born Lobster Cove; baptized 09 October 1879 by William Kepple White
           [2] Mary Ann Herridge; born Lobster Cove; baptized 15 September 1882 by William Kepple White
           [3] Sarah Ellen Herridge; born Lobster Cove; baptized 19 September 1884 by W.K. White confirmed 1898
           [4] Arthur Thomas Herridge; born 20 August 1895, Lobster Cove; baptized 13 November 1895 by William A Haynes; died 28 January at Andersons Cove, of Bronchitis, age 5 months; buried Lobster Cove by W.A. Haynes

- In their marriage record, William was listed as a fisherman of Lobster Cove while Esther was a Servant of Lally Cove. Esther was 14 and William was 19 when they married.
- After Esther died, William married again to Rachel (Grandy) Reid, age 34, widow of Philip, on 08 August 1898.
- Williamís full name may have been William John. He may have been the William John Herridge, described as Ďan elderly maní, who was one of a party of three that perished during a deer hunting trip in 1914.

Descendants of Charlotte Baker

BAKER, Charlotte
      Born: circa 1868, Corbin [married at 23]
      Father: James Baker
      Mother: Sarah Caines
      Married: 07 April 1891, at Turnip Cove, by John Squires; witnesses: James Squires and Mary Smith
      Spouse: George Dodge of Pool's Cove
      Born: circa 1865; baptized 06 August 1869 by William Kepple White
      Father: William Dodge [circa 1829, of George and Sarah Dodge]
      Mother: Charity Hatch [of Edward Hatch and Ann Skinner]
           [1] William Dodge; born 29 October 1891, Poolís Cove; baptized 15 October 1891 by John Squires
           [2] Charity Dodge; born 07 December 1893, Poolís Cove; baptized 12 December 1893 by John Squires; died 10 December 1893, 10 days, of natural causes, attended by Dr. Fitzgerald; buried Poolís Cove by John Squires
           [3] Lucy Dodge; born 21 February 1895, Poolís Cove; baptized 03 March 1895 by John Squires
           [4] Janet Dodge; born circa 1900
           [5] Maxwell Dodge; born about December 1906, Poolís Cove; died 08 May 1908, Poolís Cove, age 1Ĺ years; cause of death, Peritonitis; buried at Poolís Cove by Rev. Hugh J.A. McDermott.

- There is an error in Williamís birth and baptism dates; birth could be September; or baptism could be 1892.
- At the time of their marriage Charlotteís place of residence was Corbin, indicating she may have been employed as a maid there.
- Maxwell is considered to be the son of George and Charlotte for several reasons: this was the only Dodge family in Poolís Cove at the time; their other son, William, was not old enough to be married; William named his first son, who was born circa 1921, Maxwell, obviously in honour of his deceased brother.

DODGE, William
      Born: circa 1893
      Father: George Dodge
      Mother: Charlotte Baker
      Spouse: Louisa (Lucy)
      Born: circa 1901
           [1] Maxwell Dodge; born circa 1921
           [2] Ruby Dodge; born circa 1923
           [3] Rowena Dodge; born circa 1926
           [4] Effie Dodge; born circa 1928
           [5] Annie Dodge; born circa 1928
           [6] Rhoda Dodge; born circa 1934 (11 months at time of 1935 census)

      Born: 21 February 1895, Poolís Cove; baptized 03 March 1895 by John Squires
      Father: George Dodge
      Mother: Charlotte Baker
      Married: 03 November 1913, at Poolís Cove, by Hugh J.A. MacDermott, witnesses: Samuel Caines and Charles Williams
      Spouse: Richard Newhook
      Born: September 1887, married at 24
           [1] Rachel Newhook; born October 1915, Normanís Cove [may have married Cecil Smith and had son Raymond]
           [2] George G. Newhook; born January 1917, Normanís Cove
           [3] Albert Newhook; born circa 1924
           [4] Emma Newhook; born circa 1927
           [5] Janet Newhook; born circa 1929
           [6] Cecil Newhook; born circa 1932

- In the marriage record, Richard Newhook was listed as a fisherman, resident of New Harbour. The 1921 Census indicates he was born at Normanís Cove but that is not certain. Richard was Church of England and Lucy was Congregational.

DODGE, Janet
      Born: 07 July 1900, Poolís Cove
      Died: 22 September 1976, Poolís Cove
      Father: George Dodge
      Mother: Charlotte Baker
      Married: 09 June 1919, Bay du Nord, by M.H.W. Seeley; witnesses: Harold Cox and Martha Quirk
      Spouse: Thomas Bishop
      Born: 26 September 1897
      Died: 11 February 1936
           [1] Melinda Bishop; born circa 1918
           [2] Melita Bishop; born circa 1920; married Frank Riggs of Grand Bank
           [3] Lydia Bishop; born circa 1921; (daughter Aurelia, born 1948 [father ? Paul, Rencontre East])
           [4] George Bishop; born 31 August 1924; died 27 August 1941
           [5] Sylvia Bishop; born circa 1933
           [6] Robin Bishop

- In the marriage record both Janet and Thomas were listed as Congregationalist, of Poolís Cove.

Lightening Strikes Dodge Home

    One summer, probably around 1957 or 1958, we were visiting my grandparents at Poolís Cove. We were experiencing a heavy, summer electrical storm, with no rain. From the back door of my grandparentsí house, we were looking out across the harbour at the awe-inspiring sight.
    Chain lightening danced on the dark waters of the bay, forming a non-stop zigzag streak. It appeared like a blinding stairway of light leading from the deep sea up to the heavy, black clouds above. The picture was frightening, yet fascinating. But lightening is dangerous and should be regarded with respect.
    Apparently, a lightening bolt struck the smooth, unyielding granite face of Poolís Point. Like a bullet, it ricocheted back across Back Cove Pond to a house at the opposite end.
    It was a two-story house, built by fisherman George Dodge, probably just before the turn of the century. Sometime in the late 1920's, or early 1930's, his son Bill added an extension to the house, turning it into a two-family dwelling.
    When this storm took place, Georgeís side of the house was occupied by his daughter Janet, widow of Tom Bishop. Son Robin, daughters Sylvia and Lydia, and Lydiaís daughter Aurelia, were also living there. Janetís brother, Bill, still occupied his part of the house.
    The lightening struck a second-story corner of the house, leaving behind splintered wood such as might result from an explosive charge. It crossed the room, hitting the opposite wall directly over Robinís bed. Luckily, it was during the day and the bed was unoccupied.
    Small holes dotted the wall over the bed, making it look like it had been peppered with a load of buckshot. General consensus was that the lightening bolt had probably shattered upon impact with the cliff.
    After penetrating the wall, the lightening forged a path down through the bedroom floor to the kitchen below. It then went through the kitchen floor, right beside the leg of the stove. Presumably, it continued on into the ground underneath the house, for there was no other visible sign of it.
    Looking out the door of my grandparentsí house, the first indication of trouble was the bucket brigade. Men ran from all directions with their water buckets. Since the house was built very close to the edge of the pond, there was no shortage of water.
    The situation was quickly brought under control. What could have been a tragedy was averted by community spirit and working together. Very little fire damage was sustained to the home of Janet, who had been out running errands at the time of the strike. Brother Billís side of the house received no damage at all.

Descendants of Mary Jane Baker

BAKER, Mary Jane
      Born: 1870/1, Corbin [married at 18]
      Father: James Baker
      Mother: Sarah Cain
      Married: 09 April 1889, at Pool's Cove, by John Squires; witnesses Samuel Bambury and Louisa Perham
      Spouse: Frederick Hatch
      Born: circa 1869, Conn; baptized 07 August 1869 by William Kepple White
      Father: Henry Hatch [born 1838, of Edward Hatch and Ann Skinner]
      Mother: Rose Pardy [of Thomas and Elizabeth Pardy of Lobster Cove]
           [1] Alphonsus Hatch; born 05 December 1895, Conn; baptized 27 May 1896 by T.P. Quintin
           [2] Rose Ellen Hatch; born 08 May 1898, Conn; baptized 10 August 1898 by E.G. Greenham
           [3] Darcey Hatch, circa 1914
           [4] Emily Hatch, circa 1908

- In 1935 Fred Hatch was engaged in the Shore Fishery, while son Dorsey was engaged in the Bank Fishery. Emily had married a Strickland, but was widowed and living with her parents at Andersonís Cove in 1935, with her 1-year-old daughter, Rose Ellen.

HATCH, Alphonsus
      Born: 05 December 1896, Newfoundland
      Died: 28 May 1928, at General Hospital, St. John's, of tuberculosis, age 32; buried Anderson's Cove
      Father: Frederick Hatch
      Mother: Mary Jane Baker
      Married: 29 June 1918, at Pool's Cove, by H.J.A. MacDermott; witnesses: Jessie Hatch and Thomas Evans
      Spouse: Lucy Evans
      Born: 24 June 1896, Newfoundland
      Died: 02 June 1979, Newfoundland
           [1] Sylvia Hatch; born 14 January 1920, Newfoundland

- In the marriage record both Alphonsus and Lucy were listed as Congregationalist, of Conn, and he was a fisherman.

HATCH, Sylvia
      Born: 14 January 1920, Newfoundland
      Died: 19 November 1999, Newfoundland
      Father: Alphonso Hatch
      Mother: Lucy Evans
      Married: June 1936, Newfoundland
      Spouse: James Myles
      Born: 21 September 1910, Newfoundland
      Died: 19 January 1975, Newfoundland
           [1] Molly Myles

HATCH, Rose Ellen
      Born: 08 May 1898, Conn; baptized 10 August 1898 by E.G. Greenham
      Father: Frederick Hatch
      Mother: Mary Jane Baker
      Married: 01 June 1920, Femme, by M.H.W. Seeley; witnesses: P.J. Evans and Maggie Dodge
      Spouse: Frederick Dodge
      Born: 01 March 1898, Femme; baptized 05 May 1898, by T.P. Quintin
      Father: Wilson Dodge
      Mother: Sarah Evans
           [1] Mary Ellen Dodge; born circa 1922
           [2] Wilhelmina Dodge; born circa 1926
           [3] Alphonsus Dodge; born circa 1929

- In 1935 Fred and Rose Ellen Dodge were living at Andersonís Cove where they owned a 6-room house valued at $400. Fred was engaged in the Bank Fishery and had earned $289 the previous year.
- Alphonsus Dodge was called Phonce by those who knew him in the community.

HATCH, Darcey
      Born: circa 1914
      Father: Frederick Hatch
      Mother: Mary Jane Baker
      Spouse: Velma
      Born: circa 1915
           [1] Una P. Hatch, born circa 1933, Anderson's Cove
           [2] Maxine Hatch, Anderson's Cove

Descendants of Elizabeth Baker

BAKER, Elizabeth
      Born: circa 1870
      Father: James Baker
      Mother: Sarah Caines
      Married: 16 February 1892, at Little Bay East, by E.C.Wall, witnesses: Elizabeth Evans and Philip Evans
      Spouse: Henry Hatch
      Born: circa 1871 [married at 21]
      Father: Henry Hatch [of Edward Hatch and Ann Skinner]
      Mother: Rose Pardy [of Thomas and Elizabeth Pardy of Lobster Cove]
           [1] Rosanna Hatch; born 20 February 1892, Conn; baptized 09 March 1892 by T.P. Quintin
           [2] John Frederick Hatch; born 01 August 1895, Conn; baptized 30 October 1895 by T.P. Quintin

HATCH, Rosanna
      Born: 20 February 1892, Conn; baptized 09 March 1892 by T.P. Quintin
      Father: Henry Hatch
      Mother: Elizabeth Baker
      Married: 02 November 1910, at Conne, by A.E. Tulk; witnesses: James Banfield and Lucy Banfield
      Spouse: Manuel Pittman
      Born: circa 1890, married at 20

- At the time of their marriage, Manuel was a fisherman, resident of Conne.

Descendants of Julia Ann Herridge

      Born: baptized 09 October 1879 by W.K. White
      Died: 08 May 1901 at Lobster Cove, of Consumption, age 21; buried Lobster Cove by E.G. Greenham
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Sarah (Cains) Baker
           [1] Arthur Albert Herridge; born 26 October 1897, Lobster Cove

Married: 03 November 1899, at Lobster Cove, by Rev G Greenham; witnesses: Jerry Holman and Mary Ann Thornhill
      Spouse: Edward Osborne
      Born: Long Harbour; baptized 14 September 1871 by W.K. White
      Father: Reuben Osborne
      Mother: Sarah Jane Stone
      Died: 04 April 1916, age 46, of Brights Disease, at Anderson's Cove; buried Lobster Cove by G.S. Templeton

Notes: - Edward Osborne was a widower when he married Julia Ann Herridge. He had previously married Ann Wells in 1892, who then died in childbirth in 1896. Following Julia Annís death, Edward is believed to have married Mary J. Herridge of Andersonís Cove in 1913.
- Julia Annís son, Arthur Albert, was raised by her brother John and his wife.

HERRIDGE, Arthur Albert
      Born: 26 October 1897, Lobster Cove
      Died: 13 September 1972, Fortune
      Mother: Julia Ann Herridge
      Married: 05 November 1917, at Bay L'Argent, by J.R. Courage [Licensed by Bishop]; witnesses: Eli J Banfield and Alice Tibbo
      Spouse: Lucy Harriett Matthews
      Born: 03 April 1896, Grand John; baptized 29 September 1896 by T.P. Quintin
      Died: 03 April 1980, Fortune
      Father: Henry Matthews
      Mother: Mary Ann ?
           [1] Mabel Herridge; born 22 July 1919, Grand John
           [2] Elsie Herridge; born 10 August 1921, Grand John
           [3] Henry Herridge; born 06 September 1923, Anderson's Cove
           [4] Fay Herridge; born November 1925, Anderson's Cove

- The record of Arthurís baptism was lost when many records from that area were apparently burned.
- At the time of their marriage, Arthur was listed as a fisherman of Andersonís Cove and Lucy was a domestic of Grand John.

Descendants of John Herridge

      Born: Lobster Cove; baptized 15 September 1882 by W.K. White
      Died: 25 June 1916, age 34, on the Grand Banks; cause: effects of eating something poisonous; buried Stones Cove
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Sarah (Caines) Baker
      Married: 04 December 1902 at Femme, by W Goddard; witnesses: William J Herridge and William Dodge
      Spouse: Mary Jane Hyman
      Born: Femme; baptized 22 September 1883 by William Kepple White
      Father: James Hyman [born circa 1844]
      Mother: Harriet Evans [born circa 1854, of Philip Evans and Sarah Yarn]
           [1] James Herridge, born 1906
           [2] Alison Herridge
           [3] Cecil Herridge, born September 1913 at Lally Cove
           [4] Corella Herridge, born August 1915 at Lally Cove

- John and Jane raised two other children, besides their own: Arthur Albert Herridge, the illegitimate child of Johnís sister Julia Ann; and John R. Thornhill, whose relationship, if any, is unknown.
- Mary Jane Hymanís parents married on 29 October 1877 at Harbour Breton. James was a widower, a 33-year-old servant and Harriet, at 23, was a servant at Mose Ambrose. They were married by William Kepple White with Mary Ann Petite and Agnes Smith as witnesses.
- One source states that Mary Janeís father, James, was the son of William and Elizabeth of Gillingham, Dorset and goes on to say that he was literate and signed his name as ĎHighmaní, not ĎHymaní. Another source inticates that he was born about 1844 at Shaftsbury, the son of James [1781] and Elizabeth.
- Mary Jane married again in 1917, to widower Joseph Smith of Lally Cove, age 44. The 34-year-old widow married Smith on 26 November 1917 with T.M. DuBourdieu officiating while Clarence May and Alma May were witnesses. Joseph and Mary Jane had a daughter Isabella, born November 1920 at Lally Cove.
- Two of the children of John Herridge and Mary Jane were also living with the Smith family in 1921, Cecil Herridge and Corella Herridge. John and Mary Jane went to Lally Cove to live at some point, but it is not known when. Arthur Herridge, who left home around 1911, could remember living at Lally Cove.

      Born: around 1906
      Died: 1985, Little Bay East
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Mary Jane Hyman
      Married: 10 June 1926, Anderson's Cove
      Spouse: Ellen/Ella Thornhill
      Born: October 1906 at Andersonís Cove
      Father: Eli John Thornhill [1864-1942, of James and Susan]
      Mother: Jane Pope [of Reuben Pope and Ann Stone]
           [1] Wallace Herridge, born circa 1927
           [2] Corella Herridge, 18 August 1930
           [3] Pearl Herridge, born circa 1933
           [4] Howard Herridge, born 1935
           [5] Roy Herridge, born circa 1938
           [6] Janie Herridge, born circa 1940
           [7] Eric Herridge, born circa 1942
           [8] Lucy Herridge, born circa 1944/45
           [9] Carl Herridge
           [10] Joyce Herridge

- James Herridge was always known as ĎUncle Jim.í He was listed as a fisherman in 1935. Ellaís sister, Gertrude Thornhill, was living with the family in 1935. Gertrude was born July 1870. She never married.

HERRIDGE, Cecil (John, Sarah, Kish, Jacob Cain, James Cain, Jacob, James1)
      Born: 13 September 1913 at Lally Cove, Fortune Bay
      Died: November 1981 at St. Jacques, Fortune Bay
      Father: John Herridge
      Mother: Mary Jane Hyman
      Spouse: Velma Matthews
      Born: 04 October 1921 at Grand John, Fortune Bay
      Died: 25 October 2006, aged 87
      Father: Thomas Matthews
      Mother: Alice Tibbo
           [1] Venita Herridge, born 01 January 1945 at Lally Cove

- The cause of death for Cecil Herridge was a massive heart attack, which happened while he was driving. Velma died of cancer. Cecil and Velma were living at Andersonís Cove when they adopted Venita, who was the natural child of Cecil. Cecil bought Uncle John Matthews' large two-story house at Anderson's Cove, which he then tore down and rebuilt into a bungalow. When Cecil got a job as Lightkeeper on St. Jacques, working with Hubert Miles, they moved.

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