Samuel Banfield of Richard

      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Spouse [1]: Elizabeth Moulton

      Spouse [2]: Ann Grandy
      Father: William Grandy (of first Joseph)
           [1] Thomas Banfield
           [2] Elizabeth Banfield
           [3] Sabina Banfield; 1845, Garnish

      Married [3]: 1850
      Spouse: Susanna Grandy
      Father: Charles Grandy (of first Philip)
           [1] William Banfield; 1851
           [2] Richard Banfield; born 1853
           [3] Ann Banfield
           [4] Jane Banfield 1857
           [5] Charles Banfield; baptized 1862
           [6] Caroline Banfield; baptized 1862
           [7] Aaron Banfield; baptized 1866
           [8] Mary Banfield; baptized 1868

(Note: When Mary Banfield, of Samuel and Susan, married George White of Jersey Harbour in 1891, she was listed as resident of Jersey Harbour. So, if the records are accurate, it appears that at some point Samuel and two of his children, Richard and Mary, may have lived at Jersey Harbour. It is not known if other members of the family lived there.)

      Father: Samuel Banfield
      Mother: Ann Grandy
      Married: 1869
      Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Davidson
           [1] John Samuel Banfield; baptized 1871, Garnish

      Born: 1845, Garnish (married at 20)
      Father: Samuel Banfield
      Mother: Ann Grandy
      Married: 1865; witnesses Thomas Banfield, James (? Pope), (? Ruth) Stickland and Samuel George (? Grandy)
      Spouse: John Grandy
      Born: circa 1839 (married at 26)
      Father: Joseph Grandy
      Mother: Ann
           [1] Joseph George Grandy; baptized 1869
           [2] Harriet Susan Grandy; baptized 1875
           [3] Thomas Banfield Grandy; baptized 1878

GRANDY, Thomas
      Born: December 1877, Garnish; baptized 1878
      Father: John Grandy
      Mother: Sabina Banfield
      Spouse: Louisa or Louise
      Born: May 1880, Harbour Mille
           [1] Lizzie Grandy; August 1904, Garnish
           [2] Maxwell Grandy; August 1905, Garnish; married Edith (born circa 1908); children: Myra, 1930; Albert Archibald, 1932
           [3] Gladys Grandy; December 1907, Garnish
           [4] Oscar Grandy; June 1909, Garnish
           [5] Roy Grandy; October 1914, Garnish

Note: In the 1935 census, Thomas B. Grandy is listed as a Builder, engaged in ship-building. His six-room home was valued at $600 and his previous year’s income was $350. His son Oscar was a Chauffeur with an annual income of $300. Roy was a helper at home. The family employed sixteen-year-old Marion Moulton as a domestic servant. Maxwell was married with a six-room, $500-valued home and engaged in the cod fishery.

      Born: 1853
      Father: Samuel Banfield
      Mother: Susanna Grandy
      Spouse: Hannah Collins Moulton
      Born: 1854
           [1] Samuel Banfield; baptized 1875, Garnish
           [2] Susan Banfield; baptized 1878, Garnish
           [3] Ann Collins Banfield; baptized 1879; married a Grandy
           [4] Jane Caroline Banfield; born around 1881 (probably named after her two aunts, Jane and Caroline (Banfield)
           [5] Richard Banfield; August 1893, Garnish; married Sarah (born November 1896)
           [6] Thomas Banfield: January 1895, Garnish

Note: Hannah Banfield, widow, born April 1854 at Burin, was living with her son Richard and his wife Sarah in 1921. Richard’s brother Thomas, single, was also living with them.
      Ann Collins (Banfield) Grandy lived to be 103. Her daughter Leah, who married a Moulton, died in January 2003 at 100.
      Jane Caroline Banfield, 23, “of Richard”, at Jersey Harbour, married 1904 Stephen Forsey, 27, of George, Grand Bank. Susan Banfield, baptized 1878, Garnish, of Richard and Hannah, married in 1897, listed as resident of Jersey Harbour, Wilson White, 30, of Jersey Harbour, of Charles. It appears that Wilson and Susan White went to Corner Brook.

      Born: November 1875, (1921 census says born at Burin)
      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Hannah Collins Moulton
      Spouse: Francis Selina Grady (Grandy?)
      Born: July 1875
      Father: Grady/Grandy
      Mother: Elizabeth (born March 1846 at Paradise, widow in 1935)
           [1] Carrie Banfield; July 1904, Garnish
           [2] Leonard Banfield; July 1904, Garnish; married Addie (born circa 1907); children: Claudia Belle, circa 1933
           [3] Lizzie Banfield; September 1906, Garnish
           [4] Levi Ludwick Banfield; January 1909, Garnish
           [5] Richard Banfield; November 1911, Garnish
           [6] Samuel Albert Banfield; August 1914, Garnish
           [7] Frazer Banfield; August 1916, Garnish

Note: In 1935 Samuel was a Collector, HM Customs, earning $550 per year. His religion was Salvation Army. Son Levi Ludwick was a River Warden at $325 a year; Richard was a carpenter, apparently building houses, and had made $300 for the year; Samuel Albert was engaged in the cod fishery with earnings of $200; and Frazer was a teacher with the Salvation Army Board of Education, earning $370 a year. Leonard, with his own seven-room home valued at $1,500, was a River Warden in Placentia Bay.

      Born: 1857
      Father: Samuel Banfield
      Mother: Susanna Grandy
      Spouse: William Anstey
           [1] Eli Anstey; May 1879, Garnish; baptized 1879
           [2] Beatrice Ann Anstey; 1881
           [3] Amos Anstey; 1881 – 1911.

      Born: May 1879
      Father: William Anstey
      Mother: Jane Banfield
      Spouse: Martha
      Born: July 1881, Garnish
           [1] Lucretia Ansty; November 1906, Garnish
           [2] Beatrice Ansty; December 1912, Garnish

      Born: August 1868 (married at 23)
      Father: Samuel Banfield
      Mother: Susanna Grandy
      Married: 11 November 1891
      Spouse: George White
      Born: circa 1863 (married at 28)
      Died: before 1921 (Mary was a widow in 1921 census)
      Father: Charles White, Jersey Harbour
           [1] Charles White; August 1892, Garnish
           [1] Samuel James. White; September 1897, Garnish
           [2] Lizzie White; April 1900, Garnish
           [3] Aaron White; March 1904, Garnish; married Mary; engaged in cod fishery in 1935
           [4] Susie White; December 1906, Garnish

WHITE, Charles
      Born: August 1892, Garnish
      Father: George White
      Mother: Mary Banfield
      Spouse: Mary A.
      Born: September 1893, Garnish
           [1] Raymond White; July 1918, Garnish
           [2] Alphaeus White; July 1921, Garnish
           [3] Susanna White; circa 1931

(Note: In 1935 Charles was engaged in the cod fishery. His widowed mother, Mary, age 66, was living with him.)

WHITE, Samuel James
      Born: September 1897, Garnish
      Father: George White
      Mother: Mary Banfield
      Spouse: Effie Jane
      Born: circa 1895 (age 40 in 1935 census)
           [1] Sophie Tryphena White; circa 1926

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