Robert Engram of (?)Little Bay

ENGRAM, Robert
      Born: circa 1823
      Died: 22 September 1879, age 56, buried at Hermitage
      Spouse [1]: Ann
      Born: circa 1822
      Died: 14 June 1866, age 44, buried at Hermitage
           [1] Sarah Engram; born circa 1841 (married John Dominey in 1862)
           [2] William Engram; born circa 1842/3
           [3] Edith Engram; married 11 September 1872 at Hermitage to George House, fisherman of Round Harbour, son of John and Ann; married by Edward Colley; witnesses: Robert Engram and Ann House
           [4] Mary Engram; born 21 October 1853, Little Bay; baptized 03 April 1854 by J.G. Mountain
           [5] Susanna Engram; born 09 August 1855, Pushthrough; baptized 25 May 1856 by Edward Colley; married 12 June 1873 at Hermitage, to Robert Morris, fisherman of Gaultois
           [6] James Engram; born 20 June 1860, Little Bay; baptized 24 June 1860 by Edward Colley
           [7] Robert Engram; born 27 October 1862, Little Bay; baptized October 1862 by Edward Colley; apparently died early
           [8] John Robert Engram; born 28 October 1863, Little Bay; baptized October 1863 by Edward Colley
           [9] Ann Engram
           [10] Elizabeth Engram

      Spouse [2] Jane

- Robert Engramís will was probated 1880. He left wife Jane; son James; son William; daughter Edith House; daughter Mary Engram; daughter Ann Engram; daughter Susan Morris; daughter Sarah Dominey; daughter Elizabeth Engram; and sons-in-law George House, James Morris and John Dominey.
- It is not known if daughters Ann and Elizabeth were from Robert's first marriage or his second.
- No baptism records have been found for the first three or the last two of Robertís children.

Descendants of William Engram

ENGRAM, William
      Born: circa 1842/3
      Died: 09 September 1925, 83 years, at Little Bay; cause Old Age; buried Pushthrough, by Th. Hollands
      Father: Robert Engram
      Mother: Ann
      Married: 09 September 1872 at Hermitage; by Edward Colley; witnesses: John Rose and Maria Garland
      Spouse: Mary Rose
      Born: 14 January 1857, Pushthrough; baptized 09 April 1857, by Edward Colley
      Died: 12 June 1904 at Little Bay, of General Debility, age 48; buried Little Bay by G.H. Bishop
      Father: John Rose of Pushthrough
      Mother: Elizabeth Rose of Hermitage Cove
           [1] John Robert Engram; born 1874, Pushthrough; baptized 15 July 1874 by Edward Colley; probably died young as the 3rd child was also named Robert
           [2] Benjamin William Engram; born 1875, Pushthrough; baptized 15 July 1875 by Edward Colley
           [3] Robert Engram; born September 1877, Pushthrough; baptized 22 April 1877 by Edward Colley
           [4] Elizabeth Ann Engram; born 23 June 1879, Hardyís Cove; baptized 28 August 1879 by George H Bishop
           [5] William Engram; born 30 April 1881, Pushthrough; baptized 25 June 1881 by George H Bishop
           [6] Jane Engram; born 22 August 1883, Pushthrough; baptized 26 August 1883 by George H Bishop
           [7] Ezekiel Engram; born 23 July 1889, Pushthrough; baptized 19 August 1889 by George H Bishop
           [8] James Engram; born July 1892 at Pushthrough
           [9] Mary Ellen Engram; born 22 July 1894 at Pushthrough; baptized 01 May 1895, by George H. Bishop
           [10] Jacob Engram; born July 1895 at Pushthrough

- In 1921 William was a widower living at Little Bay with his son James. Jacob, born at Pushthrough in 1895, was living there as well, listed as Williamís brother.
- It seems that William and Mary may have gone to Little Bay at some point. Mary died there in 1904 and William was living with his son there in 1921.
- John Rose of Pushthrough married Elizabeth Rose of Hermitage Cove in 1836 and had: Benjamin, born 1837; Ezekiel, 1840; John, 1842; Eleanor, baptized September 26, 1846 or 1847; Susanna, 1849; and Thomas, 1854. This seems to have been the family of Mary who was born 1857 and married William Engram. Her first son was John Robert, called after hers and her husbandís fathers. She also had sons Benjamin and Ezekiel, most likely named for her brothers.

      Born: July 1892 at Pushthrough
      Father: William Engram
      Mother: Mary Rose
      Married: 02 September 1919, at Hermitage; by W.R. Courage; witnesses: Henry Engram and Lilly M Stickland
      Spouse: Elizabeth Engram
      Born: 10 December 1886, Little Bay; baptized 31 July 1887, by George H. Bishop
      Father: James Engram
      Mother: Sarah McDonald

- James was the son of William, who was a son of Robert. Elizabeth was the daughter of James, who was also a son of Robert. James and Elizabeth were actually first cousins.
- In 1921 James and Elizabeth had living with them his brother Jacob, age 26 and his widowed father, William, age 78.

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