Descendants of Richard Banfield

      Born: England
      Spouse: Jane Pardy
      Born: 1788, Garnish
      Died: December 1858, age 70
      Father: William Pardy from England
      Mother: Elizabeth Harvey
           [1] James Banfield; born around 1799; died 7 January 1884, age 85 (headstone date, Bay L’Argent)
           [2] Samuel Banfield(had 3 wives)
           [3] George Banfield
           [4] Thomas Banfield
           [5] Mary Banfield
           [6] Margaret Banfield
           [7] Elizabeth Banfield
           [8] Hannah Banfield
           [9] Jane Banfield; married Stephen Grandy in 1850; children: Charles Albert, 1867; Eliza Jane, baptized 1861; Hannah, baptized 1856
           [10] Susan Banfield; married Philip Grandy; children: George Samuel, bap 1861; Henry Thomas, baptized 1867; George Samuel, baptized 1869; Andrew Joseph, baptized 1865
           [11] Ann Banfield; married James Grandy in 1847 at Belleoram (witnesses John and Samuel Grandy); children: Abraham, baptized 1861; James Henry, baptized 1867; Margaret Jane, baptized 1863
           [12] William Banfield (not married)

Note: Since Jane’s death record indicates she was born around 1788, and James’ death record indicates he was born around 1799, then one of the dates, or both, must be in error by a few years, since Jane would not have had a son when she was eleven!

      Father: Richard Banfield
      Mother: Jane Pardy
      Spouse: John Matthews
      Born: circa 1810(?), England (Listed as literate)
           [1] Anne Matthews; born July 1831, Bay L'Argent; baptized 18 March 1835, St. Thomas Church of England Parish, St. John's; married Thomas Lawrence
           [2] Elizabeth Matthews, born 05 November 1836, baptized 12 December 1836, Bay L'Argent
           [3] John Matthews, born 1835/1841, New Harbour, Fortune Bay

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